Sudanese Veterinarian Obtains Three Patents

Sudanese Veterinarian Obtains Three Patents

Veterinarian Habab Salah El din (left) and the reporter

By: Resala Abdelrahim

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Sudanese veterinarian Habab Salah El din Omer who holds a master degree in veterinary medicine, University of Khartoum, obtained three veterinary patents for inventing solutions for some animal diseases and natural ways to increase agricultural productivity.

Couldn't bear to see animals suffering and dying from simple diseases, Habab started using Bees Wax mixed with other ingredients to treat them.

She said the ointment she made is very effective as anti virus treatment. It has been found effective in treatment of a viral skin disease (streptococcal cutaneous) that affect livestock and results in economic loss of skin and animal death. She used it to treat lumpy skin and foot roots in race horses and cows.

According to the patent the drug can also be used to treat arthritis, coughing and influenza in humans.

A certificate of one of Habab's patents 


Habab has obtained the second patent for using fly ash as natural fertilizer to increase plant productivity.

She adviced the use of fly ash in the regulated cutting and burning of trees for charcoal to mitigate environmental harms.

The method can help poor families who are not able to buy manure for their farms.
Habab experimented the ash on farming cucumber and tomatoes by putting it on the seeds and she was surprised by its success.

She also mixed the ash with drinking water to treat animals from dysentery. This led to a great result in saving animals because, according to Habab, only China has found a treatment for this disease using the green tea.

The third patent is recycling slaughter houses animal waste (belly excretions of the rumen) to make a pesticide, disinfectant and fertilizer whose organic materials are stable and free of carcinogens.

She added in her interview with Sudanow that the product was tested in agriculture as an organic alternative to the industrial one that is brought from outside the country and cost large amounts of foreign exchange.

She said the product has been experimented in growing many crops in the vegetable garden of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Botanic Garden.

The success of the product was confirmed in fertilizing peanuts and beans, and it will be an alternative to urea fertilizer that is imported from abroad.

Despite her hard work and creativity Habab faces many challenges to do these researches and gain its perks. She needs (150. 000 dollars) to pay for the World Bank and become well-known researcher. She is also obliged to pay 15.000 dollars annually to protect her patents.

She funded herself to make all these researches, no one stands for her, no one believes in her success but she never give up and still works to achieve what she is planning for.




  1. Arif Abdallah

    Remarkable person have the faith of tomorrow the universe can be a better place

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