Insania University Of Malaysia Celebrates Poetess Rawda al Haj

Insania University Of Malaysia Celebrates Poetess Rawda al Haj

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - The Insania University of Malaysia (The northern Gedah State) will celebrate poems of Sudanese Poetess Rawda al-Haj within the works of the International Conference on Arabic Language to be held during July 25-26.

The Conference will look into Rawda’s poetry through a paper entitled “Invoking Arab Heritage in Rawda al Haj’s Poetry”, to be presented by Dr. Abdallah Mohamed al-Amin of the Faculty of Education at al-Zulfa, Saudi Arabia.

The peer-reviewed paper was shortlisted from a lot of research papers presented to this important conference.

The Conference will bring together many senior researchers on Arabic, Arab culture and Arab literature.

Meanwhile, Poetess Rawda has left for Jordan to take part in the 23rd Session of Jarash Poetry Festival. The session is held in honour of the late Jordanian poet Habeeb al-Ziyout.

Rawda has won a number of regional prizes including Souq Okaz for Poem Completion Prize that worth 300,000 Saudi Riyal in 2012 in which 35 poets from eight Arab countries have participated.

Poet cum university lecturer Mohamed al-Wathig wrote about Rawda, in his book Sudanese poetry in the 20th century "Rawda al-Haj is a unique phenomenon in women's poetry of modern times. Rawda's poetry had seen a departure from the usual female poetry that opts for eulogies, patriotism and social events. She had rebelled against all that and delved into a poetry which, daringly, expresses her emotions as a woman. But she did not rebel against men!"




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