Yousif Hassan Siddiq: Five Decades Of Composing For Children

Yousif Hassan Siddiq: Five Decades Of Composing For Children


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Within the celebrations marking the country’s Independence Day, the Council for Author’s Rights And Literary and Artistic Works organized an event celebrating the musical experiment of Musical Composer, Writer, Yousif Hassan Siddiq.


The occasion was organized at the Friendship Hall here under the theme” Five Decades of Composing for Children”.


Dr. Yousif Hassan Siddiq is one of the pioneering musicians who tended to children culture, in particular in the domains of singing and music, achieving a rich record in this specialization, in addition to noteworthy contributions in criticism, writing, teaching and education. His M.A and Doctorate theses reflect his lofty knowledge in these domains.


At the event, attended by federal and regional officials, together with a wide audience of musicians, poets and journalists, 17 of Dr. Yousif’s melodies composed during the past five decades were played.


The works had tackled topics ranging from education to patriotism, including a song written by lyric writer Ishaq al-Halangi that won the first prize of the Jarash (Jordan) Child Song Festival in the1990s, addition to works by lyric composers Abderwahhab Hilawi, al-Tijani Haj Musa, the late Sa’adeddin Ibrahim and the late Mahmoud Khalil;  and  poets Abdelwahhab al-Sayyid, Abdesalam Kamil, Osman Mohieddin and  Mahmoud Taranja .


“Celebrating and honoring Dr. Yousif is a celebration of his achievement as a melodist, a critic and a writer as well as for marking the World Children’s Day,” Secretary General of the Council for Artistic and Literary Works Bashir Sahal told Sudanow.


“Dr. Yousif is a committed artist, who as a composer for children, is seen as the first to specialize in this art. He has produced a rich and touching art for our children who benefited from his fascinating art in which he perpetuated his profound understanding of the requirements of drama,” said Sahal.


“This is clearly seen in his musical works and his works for child and puppet theatre,” added Sahal.


Poet Ishaq al-Halangi said “Dr.Yousif is the only musician to care for children. Children are the category that should receive all attention,”.


“Writing for children is most demanding, even for big poets. The poet should go down to the world of children to see them from the inside in order to win their attention. It requires a high degree of transparency,” al-Halangi told Sudanow.


Poet Abdelwahhab Hillawi said Yousif  is “most concerned with child culture , in the song in particular.”


“He, Yousif, was preoccupied with child culture and writing for children for five decades, while other musicians turned to other matters,” Added Hillawi.


“It is interesting to note that the man was working in enviable silence, despite the big negligence he received from concerned bodies,” he said.


For his part Musician Dr. Mohammad Saifeddin, considered the occasion “a return to our beautiful past that emanates from our nice traditions in child upbringing.”


“It constitutes a rejection of the attitudes of media channels that broadcast programs that contravene our morals and values in child care,” he said.


“The child is the nucleus of the society which should receive utmost care,” he added.




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