Mekk Rahall

Mekk Rahall

By: Mohamed Osman Adam

KADUGLI (Sudanow) - Nations strive hard to hold dear memories of their great sons and leaders, glorifying and making them stand out as overwhelming iconic figures that survive across time and space. It is not an ode glorifying the past. Rather, it is recognition by today’s generations for the great deeds their ancestors and their predecessors accomplished.

Recognizing the great deeds and legacy of ancestors is a positive sign of the lofty values received by our present day generations.  This generation seeks to divulge the great deeds of the past, to bring to life those standards. They want to prevent from eclipsing those great actions. They want, through such celebrations, bring them to the limelight, unmasking their sacrifices and print in gold letters, in the record of history and eternity, the lives of our forefathers.

Of those great men who braved history and time, was Mekk Rahall: a man of great deeds and accomplishment, and one of the pillars of a profound legacy that founded the rule within the Kadugli ethnic group and within the whole Nuba mountains communities. His was simply an extension of the rule of Cushite and Nubian Royals that prevailed over the Sudan in pre-Christianity era.

The Kadugli ethnic group is in fact the lead in the area of native administration in the Nuba mountains area. It was a leader in cementing the pillar of Islam in the region and was one of the first to establish Koranic schools in the area, teaching Koran and its sciences since early times. In fact one of the ancient quarters of the town of Kadugli is named after the disciples and students of Koran, known as the Fugara quarter. It was a major player in the fight against colonialism until the country gained its independence.

With the passage of time, this native administration role started fading away. It was a system that brought confidence and tranquility among and between the components of the local community there preserving its socio-cultural system. That system holds together the social fiber among and between the various ethnic groups.

A huge celebration has been organized last week in Kadugli to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Mekk Rahall. As we celebrate this great occasion, we have in mind the national role played by Mekk Rahall, a man who provided a salient example of the peaceful coexistence among tribal groups and who helped establishing the strong relations and bonds that played a vital role in maintaining Kadugli and its surrounding rural area a peaceful and flourishing region. His footprints were followed by his successors, sons and kin. They provided examples that are copied.

Together they set a mosaic of activities in civil, social, military, cultural and sports life, contributing in the progress and the development, not only of the Nuba Mountains, but equally that of the Sudan, their homeland.




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