Experts Consider Khartoum Half Marathon A success

Experts Consider Khartoum Half Marathon A success

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - With the participation of 2500 sprinters, including seven professionals, the Khartoum International Marathon For Peace was deemed by experts as a success.

Professional players from Algeria, Ruanda, Djibouti, Southern Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania took part in the race which was organized last week. The rest of the contenders were Sudanese.     

Kenyan Sprinter Bonard Musaw came first in the 21 km race, followed by Atmana of Ruanda and Gasimo of Tanzania in the second and third places, respectively. Mo’men from Djibouti came fourth, followed by Sudanese runner Abdelmonem Yahya in the fifth place.

Sports Minister Abdelkareem Musa has considered the marathon a landmark in the country’s celebrations marking the country’s Independence Day.

Musa has extolled the organizers: The Council for Popular Diplomacy, the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, the Sudanese Olympic Committee, the Sudanese Athletics Union and the Sudanese and foreign businesses that sponsored the race. Kenya Airways, Kenana Sugar Company, Mahjob Awlad Company, the beverage producer Stim, Sawa Hotel and Sudaxpo had sponsored the contest. “These firms had shown a good deal of responsibility towards the activity,” said Musa.

Sudan’s Adam Fadlallah had ranked first in the minors’ race while his fellow countrymen Adam Yousif and Kabbashi Mohammed Khair collected the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

In the female minors’ race Sudanese Hajir Saeed won the gold medal, while her compatriots Safa Hassan and Ibtisam al-Naeem clinched the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Siham Yahya came first in the kids’ (female) contest. Ibrahim Hamid Adam came first in the kids’ (male) race.

Chairman of the Sudanese Athletics Union, Brigadier Mustafa Abbadi, considered the marathon a good beginning and “has granted the participating countries the chance to show themselves and their champions.”

Union Secretary, Engineer Siddiq Ahmad Ibrahim said the marathon had achieved a lot of technical benefits. “It was successful with respect to the promotion of standards and with respect to the participation of sprinters of different categories,” he added.

He said the organizers, referees and technicians had also got more experience .The race has also boosted the culture of sponsorship and has drawn the attention of the media towards this sport, he said.

“Our players have benefited a quite lot from this race that helped raise their standards and we can cite here Yahya Abdelmonem who came fifth but his technical level has improved a great deal during his training camp in Kenya.” Yahya was on the lead for three kilometers, just to be taken over by his Kenyan contender who has the privilege of having lived in high altitudes,’ he said.

The Athletics Union Secretary has also extolled the role of the traffic police who “played a good role in making the race a success.”





  1. David Gonji

    The results should be posted with the actual time which the athletes has got. Also using standard timing (electronic finish/ photo finish) will encourage international athletes to participate more that half marathon. Thank

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