Sudan To Host Tent Pegging Qualifying Championship

Sudan To Host Tent Pegging Qualifying Championship

Abdelrahman al-Sadiq al-Mahdi

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Sudan will host during 21-23 January the Independence Tent Pegging Championship (Men) that qualifies for the World Championship in the United Arab Emirates in October.

Equestrians from Germany, South Africa, Morocco and Sudan will take part in the contest.

Tent pegging is a cavalry sport of ancient origin, and is one of only ten equestrian disciplines officially recognized by the International Equestrian Federation. Used narrowly, the term refers to a specific mounted game with ground targets (pegs) which are picked by players on speeding horses.

Sudanese Equestrian Union Secretary Ra’fat Balla Abdelrahman said all was set for the great event with technical and administrative measures taken. All the participating horses and also the square have been readied, he said. This is going to be the third tent pegging contest to be organized in Khartoum.

Abdelrahman said the lots will be drawn at 10 am on Sunday, January 21, for the contenders who will start to arrive in Khartoum on Saturday. Contenders will receive their horses (26) which were already delivered to the Union and which will be cared for by the Sudan police units. Contenders will be divided into four groups.

Abdelrahman said the contest will commence at 4 pm Sunday. The singles and spears contests will be held in three rounds. Team spears contests will be held in three rounds. Sunday’s contests will be wound up by ‘doubles –spears’, one round.

The second day’s contest will take off at 4:45 pm with sword (singles) to be followed with sword (team) at 5:45 pm. The second day contest will be wound up by sword (doubles) at 6:30 pm (one round).

The third day (the last day) will start with the two lemons and a peg at 4:45 pm to be followed with the two rings and a peg contest (two rounds) at 5- 5:45 pm (two rounds).

The tournament will be wound up with the spear and peg succession column (two rounds) at 6 pm.

Abdelrahman said Sudan’s team had conducted early training sessions under the supervision of trainer Khalid Hassan Abbas and continues with daily drillings. The Sudan team is made up of Assistant to the President Abdelrahman al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, Waleed Bilal, Khatim Mohammad Abdallah, Ashraf Mohammad Osman and Mohammad Shwaili, all of whom are resolved to give a good performance and qualify for the World championship in the United Arab Emirates.

The contest will be refereed by Muftah al-Harrasi (U.A.E) and the Omani Mansour al-Belloushi alongside Sudanese referees Kamal Mohammad Abdallah, Esam Abdallah, Ra’fat Balla and assistance referees Khalda al-Khair, Nazar al-Sir, Slah Jabran and Ali Fadlallah.

“It is our hope that our team could make it to the World Championship for the third time. We also wish this sport would get due propagation in the Sudan and hope that the public will show up in big numbers to encourage our players,” said the Union Secretary.




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