Sudan Mourns Poet Gasim Al-Haj

Sudan Mourns Poet Gasim Al-Haj


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Sudan is mourning Poet and children writer Gasim al-Haj who died on Sunday after enriching the Sudanese library with a lot of works.

As a poet and writer, Al-Haj had served in the Publishing House of the Sudanese Ministry of Education and a number of newspapers.

The late melodist Abdelaziz al-Emairi had performed al-Haj’s song “It’s my hope to live as a man of value, and bring happiness upon people” - a song literally everyone knows.

Singer Ali Ibrahim Allahaw had performed al-Haj’s popular song: “The broken bones repairer,”  that preaches  philanthropist values and courage.

As a composer of children songs, al-Haj was concerned with instilling in these young people a love for beauty and noble values. The motto of the children program in the Sudan National TV that sings” We all of us are here!”,  that continued to be replayed for decades, was his making.

Children composer cum melodist, Dr. Yousif Hassan Siddig said he started to cooperate with the late al-Haj in 1974 when they shared ideas on children songs’ texts. ”We used first to agree upon the idea and then al-Haj would write the verse. This is an indication of al-Haj’s powerful poetic talent.” Said Siddig.

Former director of Literary Works Council al-Bashir Sahal said al-Haj had sought to renovate the terminology of the Sudanese song. “He wanted to take the Sudanese song into wider horizons, speaking about the interests of children, the noble values and the fancy children have for birds and trees in an educational yet artistic fashion that earned him a lot publicity,” said Sahal.

“That was al-Haj’s school in poetry for which he devoted his entire life,” says Sahal.




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