Monkey's Revenage

Monkey's Revenage

(Sudanow photo archive)

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - A middle-aged woman from a village in Central Darfur was able to free her husband from the jaws of a vengeful monkey that attacked him while working on his farm.

The woman heard the cries of her husband from her home in the village that lies at a long distance from where the man was working. Feeling the danger, the woman ran fast, often stumbling on the ground, until she reached the place to find her husband tightly holding the jaws of a monkey with both hands. The monkey was inserting its head between the man’s legs continuously biting his thighs and legs, heavy blood running down from his body. Noticing an axe lying nearby, the woman took it and pounded the monkey’s backbone until she broke it. Then she started to hit the beast on the head until it died.

Shocked by the heavy blood running down from her husband’s wounds, the woman started to cry for help at the top of her voice. Hearing her cries, the villagers ran to the place, put the man on a small angaraib (local bed) and carried him to the main road, hoping to take him on a passing vehicle to the hospital of the town of Zalenji, some 450 kilometers from the village. It was almost sunset and darkness was about to shroud the place. Luckily, a medical team that was surveying the area for elephantiasis passed by. The team members mistook the crowd of villagers waving for help for an ambush by a group of gangsters or armed rebels that roamed the district and decided not to stop.

But the head team, Dr. Mohamed Osman Maysara, convinced the team members that could not be the case, given the bleeding man on the bed and the woman among the group. He argued that as a medical doctor he should not leave a suffering person to die without offering help. He immediately gave the man first aid to stop the bleeding, served him with dressings, antibiotics and intravenous solutions and carried him with his wife and three companions to the Zalengi hospital. The doctors operated on him all night to repair his body.

The woman said her husband owned a big farm within an agricultural scheme outside the village. The farmers used to sow the seeds before rainfall and wait for the downpours. Groups of monkeys used to turn the soil and devour the seeds.

One day the infuriated farmer chased the intruding beasts and managed to kill one of them, a small one, to the wailing of the rest of the herd. The monkeys attempted to attack the man, but nearby villagers chased them away. The herd leader, probably the father of the dead monkey, used to hover around the farm, watching the man for five long years until he found him alone on the day of the incident and attacked and took hold of him, if it were not for the courage of the woman.

The locals’ experience of some species of monkeys, as also scientifically approved, is that of unforgiving animals that would never forget an enemy for tens of years.




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