Blessing In Disguise

Blessing In Disguise

By: Rogia al-Shafee

KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Having toured a large area of Kordufan region, a central western Sudan Savana area, with bushes dotting most surrounding in the rainy season, the Governor, Al- Tom Al Fadil, already suffering from back and joint pains, so much aggravated by a hectic tour, was more than happy to respond to an invitation for an open air barbecue. It was a lovely 2009 rainy season evening, when the governor, Al-Fadil, his accompanied delegation and their families settled down and made themselves comfy to enjoy the evening  in that rural park.
Children and family put away formalities and indulged in innocent child-related plays and songs, dashing, running here and there “like a plague of locusts,” happily exploring the surrounding. But in so doing they disturbed a dormant beehive, spurring a huge squads of  bees to come out in self-defense spreading chaos in the agreeable assortment of families, officials and children.
All run for a cover up, as panic became the rule of the day as those who had experienced the stinking of a bee know how painful it is and would not like to undergo the traumatic experience again.
But Al fadil, may be pushed by pride and inhibited by his ailment, alone stood his ground, rejecting the idea of running away for cover. For him it would be shame to be seen running for cover-up in such a situation, specially the social stigma of “a high level official running away from the flies” as female singers would be singing in evenings to come.
Now when it became really, really difficult for him to tolerate the stings he rushed for his nearby car. But doing so, the sound of the engine and the smoke, were more teasing for the aggressive bees, given the perfumes coming out of the car attracting yet more bees.
All his body was covered with bees and bee thorns were left dotting his body, literally sending him into sleep, unconscious he went, fading away out of pain.
When the attackers subdued, Police rushed in and took him, still unconscious, to hospital where he stayed suffering under the poisonous hurtful bee thorns, facing possible death, as most cases in such situation never regained conscious.
Days later he was discharged of hospital. Al Fadil survived the attack. Well he vowed that the first thing he would do at home is to perform a prayer of thankfulness to Allah. To his surprise he suddenly realized that he was able to perform his prayer standing: no need to sit on a chair. Gone were the pains of his disc, no more were there the joints pain and the agonizing gout, the metabolic disorder mainly affecting men with excess in uric acid. 
As a result of this compulsory bee acupuncture, his other ailments were also something of the past.
"If it were for me I would not have sought such therapy on my own free will because I didn't believe in it".

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