Groundnuts Can Bring Fortunes To Sudan

Groundnuts Can Bring Fortunes To Sudan

By: Rogia al-Shafee


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Groundnut (peanut) is a leguminous crop with a high nutritional and health value. It flowers above the ground, but fruits below the ground. It is one of the most important export crops of the Sudan. Until very recently Sudan had used to top the other African countries with respect to groundnut production and export.

Groundnut is an important source of calories necessary for human and livestock consumption. It enters into the manufacturing of many food products. It is a good source of edible oil and its residues and shells are processed into highly nutritional animal fodder.

Groundnuts flourish better in light sandy soil with good drainage. By that definition most of Sudan’s arable lands are qualified to grow groundnuts. It is grown in both irrigated and rain-fed schemes in Sudan. The districts of Gezira, Gedarif, Kordofan and Darfur in the West and the Blue and Northern Sudan plains grow much of Sudan’s groundnuts. By increasing the cultivated area and by exporting groundnuts in manufactured form, Sudan can earn a lot of badly needed foreign exchange, taking into consideration the wide gap in edible oils on the international market. When roasted groundnuts make pleasant crackers. Groundnut butter is widely used around the world as a food and important ingredient in many food industries.


About the nutritional and medical values of groundnuts, Dr. Manal Algabbani, Director of the Nutrition Section at the Soba Teaching Hospital, tells Sudanow that groundnuts are rich in several nutritional substances and antioxidants. This makes it very helpful for heart health. It is also an important source of energy and anti-cancerous substances. It reduces the level of sugar in the blood, thus reducing the possibility of contracting type 2 diabetes.

Groundnuts are anti-inflammatory and anti-viral and contain anti-ageing properties. It is an antidote against slimming. Here a big spoon of groundnuts five times a week can help increase weight. Equally, taking groundnuts in a moderate manner can reduce weight, by cutting fats. Mono-saturated fats contained in groundnuts help cut cholesterol in the blood. If roasted, groundnuts can increase fumaric acid, thus consolidating anti-oxidation.

Groundnuts also contain resveratrol that increase the flow of blood in blood vessels, thus reducing the possibility of apoplexies. In addition, groundnut motivate the production of female and male hormones, thanks to its high content of niacin. Taking groundnuts regularly helps guard against Alzheimer as well as activates the nervous system and enhances the health of bones.

Nutrition-wise, groundnuts contain vitamin B Complex, vitamin E, zinc, iron, copper, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, folic acid, choline, selenium, fibers and several other nutritional substances.

Its richness in anti-oxidants helps protect the body from heart and blood vessels diseases and from cancers. A scientific study has revealed that taking a regular 200 grams of groundnuts reduce the formation of gallbladder stones.

Though groundnut has a high rate of proteins, it is advised not to take it in excess, because of its high rate of calories.


Groundnut Medical Uses 

For the treatment of constipation it is advised to take 2-3 big spoonful of groundnut butter with black honey in the morning.

Taking 2 spoonful of groundnut butter is useful in the treatment of osteomalacia (fragile bones).

Groundnuts help soothe the temper and reduce stress. A sandwich of groundnut butter with jam and full-grain bread is useful in this. Taking a mixture of groundnut butter with little sugar helps revive the memory. Taking a big spoonful of groundnut oil in the morning on daily basis for 15 days is a natural cure for tape worms.

Groundnut butter helps soften dry skin. Here the butter is used to gently massage the skin for 15-20 minutes. Then the skin is rinsed with lukewarm water.

To treat skin wrinkles a mixture of 2 small spoonfuls of un-boiled groundnut oil  with drops of rosehip seed oil can be taken.

To get rid of scars a mixture of equal quantities of groundnut oil with camphor oil can be applied on the skin. A gentle massaging of the skin with groundnut oil can reduce fatigue and energize the blood circulation.

But in spite of all these benefits, it is warned that taking groundnuts may cause allergy for some people that can lead to dizziness. Excess consumption of groundnuts can also cause indigestion. People with kidney and gallbladder problems should avoid taking groundnuts because of their content of oxalate salts.

Groundnut effects may intervene with the functions of the thyroid gland because of its content of goitrgenes. But this can be rid by roasting the groundnuts.




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