White Beans: Food and Medicine Combined

White Beans: Food and Medicine Combined



KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - White and green beans are always present on the Sudanese food table. With their special pleasant taste, beans are part of important Sudanese legumes and supply the body with very important nutritional substances.


But Sudanese have a special favor for dry white beans. It can be taken boiled or cooked with onions and tomato juice. They can just be boiled with onions and a quantity of dried okra and stir it to get a delicious sew. Here it is taken with sorghum bread or sorghum porridge. Dried white beans are also a good addition to salads and other cosines.


Green beans are also widely grown in Sudan for export to the Gulf Region and European states.

But dried white beans is a major food item in the Sudan because it is easy to store for long periods for future need. White beans have a special position in weddings and other happy occasions. It is also an important element in the menu of school boarding houses and military and cadet camps. White beans also have a good ability for processing and export.


Beans are grown in the Irrigated Gezira Agricultural Scheme (Central Sudan) and in the Nahr Alneel State (North). The Nahr Alneel State had since the 1970s been associated with growing the variety Berber beans, as a winter crop.



Beans flourish in light soil and also in saline soil, thanks to its capacity to absorb excess salts.

Beans are a leguminous crop with good ability to fertilize the soil. That is why they are grown alternately with other crops to remove salts from the salts that hamper the growth of other crops.


Beans can ripen in 3-5 months to reach the external markets in good time.


Alternative Medicine Specialist, Dr. Abdelmajeed Abdelraheem said beans can be easily digested and contain high rates of protein and necessary amino-acids. It also contains mineral substances, fats, some vitamins and potassium and phosphor salts. For that, ripe beans can compensate for meat. Its flowers and horns are also used in the treatment of many ailments. Here the seeds are removed out. Beans powder is useful in stomach inflammations, in case of low digestive secretions, in the treatment of kidney and bladder problems, in the treatment of high blood pressure, rheumatism and arthritis.


Beans most outstanding characteristic is the reduction of sugar in the blood. Boiled beans flowers are used in the treatment of gout, renal colic, renal system stones. Here the flowers are put into boiled water for seven minutes purified and taken three glasses a day for a week.


Boiled green beans horns are a good treatment for diabetes, arthritis and kidney troubles. It is also effective in microbes.




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