Call For Prayer Raised On Time Upon Slaying Of Muezzin & Imam

Call For Prayer Raised On Time Upon Slaying Of Muezzin & Imam


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Miracles (commonly known as supernatural events) are god-gifted properties of God’s messengers and saints in support of His words. Certain Sudanese communities and religious sects believe, similar to people from all religions, in miracles. 

In a very strange and most unaccustomed event at a Darfur village that had been rampaged by militiamen continued to hear the call for prayer (Azan) raised on-time five times a day for three years after the slaying of the Muezzin and Imam of the village single mosque. 

This story has been related to SUDANOW by Mr. Mohammed Ali Ahmed, a government officer at Zalinji town, who stated that local residents of the relevant village told him personally that in an attack by militiamen, in 2005, on Mara Village within Azoom locality at Morni District west of Zalinji town in Central Darfur region, a number of villagers including the Muezzin and Imam were slaughtered inside the mosque while performing prayer. 

Upon the attack, villagers abandoned their village and migrated to a nearby area. However, for three years after the incidence people continued to hear clearly the call for prayer (Azan) raised on-time five times a day. Residents of other neighboring villages who visited the site also confirmed this unusual phenomenon.

Hussain Alim, a visitor who personally heard the Azan, also confirmed the incidence. Another eyewitness commented that: “This is proof that we are not alone in this world. Our surrounding is full of unseen spirits and beings that worship the Almighty Allah in whatever ways Allah Has dedicated for them.” 

It is no wonder then that the site has now become a tourist destination. 

Mr. Mohammed Ali Ahmed, who visited the site with a group of tourists, told Sudanow that AlJazeera satellite channel is currently preparing a documentary on the issue.  




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