Half Siblings Got Married Unknowingly

Half Siblings Got Married Unknowingly

By: Rogia al-Shafee


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Some couples might think that divorce or abandonment of each other was the best solution for them to attain peace of mind, but such solution usually comes at the expense of their children and could sometimes lead to catastrophic consequences as evident in the subject case.


A very strange event, where abandonment and divorce were to blame, has been narrated to SUDANOW by a well-known Sudanese figure that preferred to keep her name in confidence.

Our source stated that the event occurred in the mid-1990s when it rocked the town from top to bottom causing a lot of pain and grief to almost every member of the community.

The parties involved were a young man who came to town from some remote regional district to find a job as a driver for a senior female employee. He was performing his job most diligently and honestly, when over time they started to feel emotional attraction to each other; a relation that ended up into legal marriage.

The employee-wife got pregnant. But after a while the driver-husband abandoned her and travelled back to his home village. Two months after her husband’s unannounced departure she gave birth to a baby boy.

Upon return to his village, the young city-driver settled as a farmer and got married to one of his relatives who bore him a beautiful baby girl.

The girl grew up into an attractive youth, and upon graduation from college she travelled to a nearby city to participate in a banking training course organized by a famous bank. While at the training course, she developed a love relation with a young employee of the bank who finally proposed to her after she was officially appointed in the same bank.

The girl happily informed her mum who most welcomed the news after having made certain enquiries about the fiancé. Her father also blessed the betrothal but told the girl and her mum to proceed with the marriage ceremonies as he was busy in the harvesting season, giving his word that he would come and meet the husband’s family later upon the end of harvesting season.

The wedding ceremony was attended by relatives of both parties. Immediately after the wedding, the brides went on their honeymoon. Upon their return the bride’s father kept visiting the newly-weds at their marital home from time to time where he got to know his son-in-law at close range and very much admired his character and high morals.

After a while the brides travelled to the United Kingdom on a study mission where they spent three years during which they had no children in spite of numerous medical tests and interventions.

Upon return from their study mission, they found that the husband’s mother had prepared a luxurious home for them to stay in. She was a wealthy woman and it was her sole son she thought that was the best present to her boy on his wedding.

Accordingly, she organized a big feast for which she invited both parties’ relations. She extended a special invitation to the family of her daughter-in-law to attend the feast.

It was the first time for the father of the girl to meet the family of his son-in-law not knowing that there was a melodramatic surprise-in-store for him.

There at the house entrance stood before him his ex-wife welcoming and greeting the visitors to the new house of her son and his wife.

When he asked his ex-wife about her relation with the husband’s family she told him the husband was his boy whom he abandoned thirty years ago when she was in her seventh month of pregnancy. She told him she had to give the boy her father’s name as she didn’t know his whereabouts at the time. She did so thinking that was in the best interest of the boy.

Then it was the ex-husband’s turn to break the catastrophic news that her daughter-in-law was actually his daughter from his second wife. At hearing the news his ex-wife fell down unconscious to the floor.

Then he hurried on to break the sad news to his wife and mother of his daughter who also fell unconscious.

Both mothers were taken to hospital. The boy’s mum recovered after some time. But the girl’s mum stayed in a comma for more than one month and eventually passed away.

The girl suffered a terrible state of shock and grief that led her into abstaining from meeting people including her brother-husband, while the boy lost all hope, and decided to leave the city.             

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