Amazing Coincidence Unites A Family

Amazing Coincidence Unites  A Family

By: Rogia al-Shafee


KHARTOUM (Sudanow) - Sometimes one comes across certain occurrences for which one cannot find an explanation. Some people might speak or feel about some event that hasn’t happened yet, which would later on take place. We also speak about the sixth instinct and telepathy.

An elderly woman, Mariam Mohammad Abdallah, told Sudanow the following story:

The dwellers of a chain of villages in Nahr Alneel state (north of Khartoum) used to assemble for shopping in a weekly (Saturday) market at a certain village in the district.

Villagers used to take local buses to and from this market.

On one of these bus trips ascended a youthful mother carrying her little five year old baby with her. Moments later another woman ascended the bus from another village, carrying a two-year old child with her and sat facing the other woman.

When the younger child saw the other one, he started to point at and communicate with him. The child reciprocated these calls and engaged him in nice childish dialogue. The two then exchanged kisses and smiles that drew the attention of the other commuters who liked and took part in the engagement.

When the bus reached its destination, all the passengers descended and got into the market. So did the two women, each going in the direction of what she wanted to buy.

It then happened in the return journey that the two women boarded the same bus: One of them sat at the front of the bus and the other at the rear.

Here the older child searched through the passengers for the younger one until he found and rushed towards him, giving him a quantity of sweets. The two kept laughing and playing with each other and when the older child wanted to return to his mother the other child asked him to stay with him. The two then engaged into the same nice dialogue, to the amazement of the passengers and the other children on board.

Beside the younger child sat a psychology student from one of the country’s universities.

Noticing the affinity between the two boys, the psychology student asked the younger kid’s mother whether there was a relation between the two boys and she denied. “There could be a distant relation between them which you did not know. The two kids strongly look like each other,” he wondered. But the woman said they had just met in the bus.

Here the student asked the woman to go and sit beside the other woman and ask her who she was. He was sure there was some relationship between the two children’s families. The woman complied and moved to sit where she was asked and started to ask the other woman about her family. In the meantime the two boys were happy about what was going on. When the mother of the older child asked the other woman about her family and her whereabouts, she realized that there was some kinship between them through their grandmothers. Going ahead with the conversation, she asked the woman about her husband and she told her that her husband was a dignitary of the village and had other wives. She said her husband had used to visit her and his other wives from time to time because he was busy with his farming business.

Asking her about her husband’s name, she was taken aback to find out that the man was her husband also and that the two kids were, in fact, half brothers.

It could be the blood relationship that could have (unknowingly) pulled the two boys together in that way.

Hajja Mariam (the narrator) said that the incident had then obliged the polygamous man to bring all his wives to live together in one household. 




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