Sudanese Army rejects allegation that Border Guards were nothing but the illusive Janjaweed Militias

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

KHARTOUM, Sudanow – The Sudanese Army on Sunday denied accusations that the Borders Guards were but the infamous janjaweed militias.

Colonel Al Sawarmy Khalid, the Official Spokesman for the Sudanese Army, said the Boarder Guards, who are currently operating in Darfur states, were part and parcel of the Sudanese regular army and are disciplined by the military rules and regulations.

"Raising such accusations about these forces, is part of the concerted and orchestrated targeting Darfur and seeking to fan the flames of tribal sedition." Al Sawarmy told a press briefing held at the headquarters of the official Sudan news agency SUNA on Sunday.

Rebel and some western media circles have charged that some elements within the Border Forces were accused of violating the law and acting in an unruly manner and that they wee but another appellation for the Janjaeed militias. They also charged that the whole fiber of the forces is but composed of Arab tribal groups, hence another reason to link them to the illusive Janjaweed militias in Darfur.

"A fact finding committee headed by a Major General in the Armed Forces was formed , has toured the three Darfur states and concluded that such accusations were en total baseless and unfounded" The spokesman stressed.

He explained that the Border Forces which act under the command of the Armed Forces do not hail from one specific tribal group.

The spokesman has underlined that whatever be the case "no body is above the law, and there is no immunity for any one condemned be he a private or an officer in the Sudanese armed forces."

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