Armed Forces clear strategic area in south Darfur's eastern area on the vicinity of the Jabel Mara

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum,   (Sudanow) – The Sudanese Army on Thursday said it has cleared a strategic road in south Darfur's Eastern Jabal Mara area.


A statement issued on Thursday said the Sudanese regular army has reopened the road linking Kator - Durban - Jawa - Sony areas after forcefully taking over the areas of Sony in eastern Jaba Mara, South Darfur State


In its statement the army pinpointed that it was able to "remove all hurdles "that were set up by elements belonging to the Darfur's rebel movement, the Sudan Liberation Army, under the command of rebel Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nour. The rebels used these areas to blackmail private citizens in the region.


Civilians driven away by rebel elements have now returned to their home areas and started their normal life anew, the statement said.



It stressed that conditions have returned to normal and described as "false" claims that air forces were used to air bomb these villages and the surrounding areas


The statement indicated that the Armed Forces' troops did not face any significant resistance in its re-opening to the road between Kator and Sony.  

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