The National Congress Party rejects President Obama's statement about return of war in the Sudan

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum, October (Sudanow ) - The National Congress Party on Saturday rejected the statement of President Barak Obama on a possibility of the country returning to war


Mr. Hajj Magid Swar, responsible for Mobilization at the National Congress Party told the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) that the statement made by President Obama on war and genocide in the Sudan is totally rejected, stressing that Sudan is not its own children and that there is no longer any war between the north and the south of the Sudan


He underlined that any talk that Sudan was heading for war in which the number of causalities would multiply is nothing but an attempt for propaganda and is meant to prepare the international arena for a new plotting against Sudan


He pinpointed to the peace deal Sudanese have signed and which since 2005 put an end to the conflict in the county and silenced the noise of the guns. He underlined that since that date no major breach occurred between the Sudanese regular army and the Sudan people liberation Army, save some incidents in Abyei area. He noted that all other incidents that occurred were inside Southern Sudan 

 Hajj Magid Swar has meanwhile said the whole world bear witness as to who is behind the killing and displacement of civilians in Iraq and in Afghanistan. He also said when war broke in the Sudan history says they moved to the north of the country

On deployment of buffer forces , Hajj Majid has stressed Sudan's rejection of any such move saying it would be an attempt by the United States of America to undermine peace and stability in the Sudan and that Khartoum would not accept it


He said the mandate of the United Nations Mission in the Sudan ends with the end of the referendum and that according to the agreement with the United Nations and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, UNMIS has no authorization to work outside this mandate


He stressed the presence of any foreign troops would only create tension in the border of an open area before the movement of civilians and economic activities of ten states. He said the government of Sudan is capable of maintaining law and order even in case the result of the referendum is separation, thanks to the existing relations between citizens in north and southern Sudan

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