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Senator Kerry says he was encouraged by government commitment to abide by the outcome of referendum in southern Sudan

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum, Sudanow  - a visiting us senator has ended a three day visit to Sudan with a note of optimism that the Sudan will respect and implement the outcome of the referendum set for January the 9th when southerners will decide whether to remain part of the Sudan. Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee at the US Congress told journalist that he has received a written document clearly stating government commitment to conduct and abide by the outcome of the referendum. "One things is absolutely clear from the talks that I have both in the North and the South… leaders are absolutely committed to make January the 9th north south referendum take place… and convinced that they have the capacity to do so" stressed at the end of his 3-day visit to the Sudan . The Sudanese government has always maintained that it committed to holding the referendum on time and asked that the process be carried out in transparency, neutrality and that it should be clear of any malpractice and that southerners be permitted to exercise this right without any coercion or intimidations  Kerry who met in Khartoum with Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, and with First Vice President Salva Kiir in Juba as well as other senior officials in Khartoum has stressed that he held some "Very productive set of meetings" and had "in-depth conversations" with the Sudanese leaders both in the north and in the south during the last three days in Khartoum. He said the few coming weeks and days were very critical and historical for the Sudan and that these moments would be remembered as a starting point for a new era in the Sudan's history, stressing that Sudanese are now provided with a chance and opportunity to change the course of events in their country.  He said the people of Sudan underwent a human suffering of tragic scale in the past due to the civil war and that it was "Our job, all of us, is to make sure that this is never happen again". He conceded that there were "Obviously there are challenges and time is short" but stressed that "complicated as it is the situation of abyei, a few hundred square miles, cannot be allowed to stand in the way of progress "in the interaction and historic relations between the people living in the area. He said he has assured Sudanese leaders that that the Obama administration and the congress are committed to play a positive role in the coming week and months ahead with the objective to make peace throughout the Sudan including in Darfur. He said the success of the referendum and the commitment of the government of Sudan with the outcome would allow the congress and the Obama administration and the international community to move in improvement of relations between the Sudan and the united states of American in a range of issue including economic relations. He said it was needless to say that such a progress towards cooperation in economic and security cooperation with the united states depends on the progress the government do in the peace process and in ending the crisis in Darfur. Southern Sudanese will go to the polls on January the 9th to vote whether to remain part of the Sudan or secede and create their own homeland.  The referendum is part of the stipulations set in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that managed to put an end to what observers believe to be the longest civil war in the continent (1983-2005) 

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