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Sudan at the cross road

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

It is clear Sudan will not be the same when the outcome of the referendum are known, january next year. It is also clear that if the people of southern Sudan chose separation then to reverse this status will take tremendous effort, if and when one side discovers that it wasn’t in the interest of that side to have the country divided into two. But it is also difficult when southerners opt for unity, to make a U-turn and seek separation.

This is then the time for Sudanese to make an informed choice. This would mean provision of accurate information from experts and professional who would be able not only to provide facts and analyze the situation but could also answer the concern of those persons who want to make a choice at this very critical moment in the history of the Sudan as a nation.

What we do here and in a number of articles is go to experts and professionals, and of course politicians, and see what they have to say and reflect this to the reader. we may disagree with what the politicians and experts say, but it is our duty to help the reader make that decision.

The reader will find views expressed by politicians from the south, ordinary people, professionals and academia elite. And we will of course try to see what the man in the street feel about the whole episode.

The challenges are great and the world around us is watching how in less than a year Sudan has been capable to  conduct two huge events: the April elections and then in next January, the referendum. The world will also be watching us, particularly the African continent and the African Union whose charters calls for unity, and bemused they will be are they for unity or are they not? How can one African country, united for hundreds of years now fall apart? But how can a country which is committed and bound by an agreement observed and followed by the whole world, fail to implement it?

But the African Union and neighboring countries would be in a state of bewilderness and perplexity on whether what will happen in the Sudan, either way, could not be contagious and transferable and copied by other. Sudan has always been setting example for other African and Arab countries to follow. It is now the time once again for the Sudanese to make history and be judged by the generations to come.

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