Vice president says political and constitutional separation will not affect society contact between the north and the south after separation

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum, Sudan (Sudanow) - The Vice- President of the Republic, Ali Osman Mohamed Taha, on Monday said the government of Sudan would accept the outcome of the referendum which the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission started announcing as of the 30th of January.


He told a press briefing held at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum that the federal government will take the necessary arrangement and requirements for the next phase that follows the announcement of the separation.


He said his government is ready to positively interact with the south and help it settle down, providing it with the assistance it needs.


Taha told the press conference that when the official results have been announced by the southern Sudan referendum commission, the Republican Palace would then make an official statement accepting the results and thus launching a new set of remedies.


He said on the pending issues, negotiations with the South would continue during the interim period and that agreement was reached in the Presidential meeting in Khartoum that the joint committees set to review those issues be invigorated to look into them, top of which the question of Abyei where the two sides are agreed that the current solutions continue until a political agreement has been  reached by replacing the joint forces to maintain law and order and to distance the southern Sudan police forces that have entered the area recently.


He stressed the two parties have discarded unilateral resolutions and committed themselves to a political settlement for the question of Abyei.


On the issue of the borders, Vice President Taha told the press conference that the technical committees would continue their work to settle the four points of disputes and to come up with proposals for the Presidency of the Republic.


He said the joint political and political committees will continue their work to equally settle the issues of differences.


He said the issue of dual nationality has been discarded and that it was agreed that each state will have its own nationality law and how to obtain the nationality. He said a period would be given for individuals to settle their legal status and to make their choice in line with the legal arrangements each state is expected to adopt, after the ninth of July, this year.


He said the two sides are also agreed that there should be flexibility as regards the presence of northerners in the south and southerners in the north, and that those groups and their properties be protected. He said certain arrangements would be taken for the harmonization of the status of the persons working in the civil service and those working in the regular forces.

He said although the separation will be at the political and constitutional levels, still the joint interests and the relations of interactions between the two sides of the Sudanese society would continue.



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