Khartoum, UNDP launch activity in preparation for a National Strategy for the Development of Statistics in Sudan

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)


Khartoum, (sudanow.info.sd) - Sudan has initiated a plan to develop a National Strategy for Development of Statistics, the first of its kind in the country that lags behind in the area .

Under the auspices First Vice President Ali Osman Taha, Sudan's Central Bureau of Statistics and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), launched an event on October 31st, 2011 aimed at setting the stage for the preparation of a National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) for the Sudan (2012-2016).

 The United Nations Development (UNDP) in Khartoum said it expects the work activities to bring on bring on board all stakeholders in statistical development and address the data gaps for the design, management, monitoring and evaluation of national development, policy frameworks, Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRSs) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).                 

UNDP Country Director, Mustafa Ghulam, commended the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) for organizing this Event which is believed to be pivotal for the successful accomplishment of the formulation of the NSDS.

Emphasizing the need for a national ownership of the strategy during the formulation and subsequent implementation phase, Ghulam added that they firmly believe that the process of designing of the NSDS should be inclusive, consultative and participatory reflecting the data requirements of national, state and local level governments, non-state actors at all levels as well as international development partners.

Through the NSDS formulation exercise the advocacy, sensitization and dialogue with politicians, policy-makers, decisions-makers and planners are believed to be very essential for the preparation of the Strategy.

"Having the strategy is one thing; equally important is its subsequent implementation. Thus, getting on board all stakeholders from the outset is crucial for the successful implementation of the strategy.” The Sudanese official underlined.

Sudan's state Minister at the Council of Ministers, Ahmed Kurmino Ahmed, commended the role played by UNDP in supporting the Central Bureau of Statistics in the preparation of the NSDS.

“The government is fully endorsing the preparation of the NSDS for future evidence-based policy making, planning and monitoring and evaluation.”  He stressed.

The Minister further added that “Sudan is entering a new phase, and it is essential that we promote poverty reduction polices. This objective will only be achieved if we have good statistics upon which we can base crafting of future polices and formulation of our National Five Year Plans.”

The Director General of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Dr. Yasin Alhag Abdin, underlined the importance of participation of all stakeholders in formulation and implementation stages of the strategy and called for additional political and financial commitment to ensure the successful implementation of this strategy. 

"Dr. Yasin further hailed the role played by UNDP in providing technical and financial support to the CBS and urged other development partners to continue their support for the development of national statistical  system of the Republic of Sudan in a more coordinated manner.

It was also noted on the occasion that many countries in the developing world have already embarked on the preparation as well as implementation phase of their NSDS since the 2004 Marrakech Action Plan in Statistics (MAPS).

The Strategy to be developed is the first one of its kind for the Republic of Sudan. It is, therefore, a welcome development that Sudan has embarked on this initiative and draw lessons from the experiences of countries that have already developed their NSDS.



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