Joint commission inaugurated to advance security arrangements for Darfur peace deal

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum, ( sudanow.info.sd)  Efforts to achieve lasting peace in Darfur took a step forward with the inaugural meeting today of he joint commission a key institution that will ensure that effective implementation of the permanent ceasefire and final security arrangement provisions of the Doha Document of peace in Darfur (DDPD)

The joint commission is one of two ceasefire monitoring and implementation mechanisms provided for in the DDPD. Its role is to resolve disputes referred to it by the ceasefire commission, the other mechanism. The joint commission is to be forum where the political leadership of the parties can ensure implementation of the DDPD provision relates to ceasefire and security arrangements.

The commission is chaired by Ibrahim Gambari the joint special Representative of the African Union United Nations Hybrid Operations in Darfur and the membership includes the two parties to the DDPD the government of Sudan and the liberation and justice movement as well as representatives of the state of Qatar which hosted two years of talks that produced the DDPD the league of Arab state and the European union. Canada and China and Norway also serve as observers in the commission.

In his opening address, JSR Ibrahim Gambari stressed the critical role of the commission UN advancing the implementation of the peace agreement. He noted that the parties are responsible for the timely and effective implementation of the ceasefire and security arrangements.

'' I urge the liberation and Justice movement to take its obligation seriously and accelerate I engagement in the ceasefire process, he said. '' I also call on the government of Sudan to demonstrate continued flexibility and leadership to ensure rapid progress of the peace agreement.''

The meeting considered a report on the status of the implementation of the permanent ceasefire and the final security arrangements from UNAMID force Commander Lieutenant General Patrick Nyamvumbva, who chairs the ceasefire commission. The CFC met seven times since its establishment on 22 august, following the signing of the DDPD on 14 July 2011.

The report noted that while insecurity continues there has been a considerable decrease in military clashes between the Sudanese government forces and the non-signatory movements since the signing of the DDPD and within the areas of operation of UNAMID.

In recent public pronouncements JSR Gambari has deplored continuing insecurity in part of Darfur as well as attacks on UNAMID peacekeepers which resulted in the death of four in two separate incidents in October and November this year. He also repeatedly called on holdout movements to engage in the peace process.



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