Hundreds of thousands in need of assistance in Darfur

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

 Khartoum, Sudan ( sudanow.info.sd) – A team of five international organizations including UN agencies concluded a 7-day tour in West Darfur saying hundreds of persons were in urgent need of humanitarian aid there.

A statement by the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) said the hybrid body led a seven-day humanitarian mission comprised of OCHA, UNICEF, UNHCR and WHO as well as the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) to Western Jebel Marra, an area isolated by conflict for some two years.

The statement said the mission which lasted from 7 to 14 of August, both assessed the needs of the communities and delivered some humanitarian assistance to needy people in Golo, Killin, Sarong, Golol, Thur and Nertiti. However, the statement said,  the team could not access the communities of Kutrum and Kiwilla, as planned, due to security restrictions.

"The assessments so far conducted confirm that approximately 400,000 people are displaced in Jebel Marra area," the statement quoted Oriano Micaletti, head of the UNAMID Humanitarian Protection Strategy as saying, adding  "They have received very limited assistance during the last few years and are in urgent need of humanitarian aid.”

the statement pinpointed that the precarious security situation in the West Jebel Marra region led to the withdrawal of most international aid organizations in 2009.

"This month’s multi-agency UN mission was the first to establish contact with the conflict-affected region in many months. " the statement stressed, adding that the team established community-based humanitarian committees amongst the local population to support humanitarian aid workers in the distribution of assistance.

the statement, which expected to stir a huge row  in Khartoum in the coming few days, said the mission also delivered about 60 cartons of nutritional supplement, water treat chlorine, medical supplies, non-food items such as kitchen sets, blankets, sleeping mats, plastic sheets, soaps and high capacity water containers.

The mission to Jebel Marra completes the first phase of the UNAMID-led project dubbed "Operation Spring Basket," launched in May to enable more access for the delivery of humanitarian aid to conflict-affected areas which had been isolated by insecurity for long periods.

"In the next phase, the UN teams will revisit these areas and support the humanitarian communities' delivery of substantial amounts of aid." The statement explained. It said

"The latest assessments conducted by the humanitarian community through Operation Spring basket will help tremendously to have a better understanding of their current needs," Micaletti was quoted as saying.

There is no government official comment available yet on the issue.  This is the first time in many months that a UNAMID sponsored report would speak of dire food situation in Darfur. However it is the first report that underpin there were no military operations or rebel activities at present in this remote area near the borderline with Chad.


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