Sudan chides American keeping its name anew in the terrorism list

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum, Sudan ( sudanow.info.sd) – The government says it was not surprised by the American decision to keep the name of the Sudan on the list of countries Washington considers sponsors of international terrorism.

The American administration carries out an annual review of the list and which besides the Sudan includes Iran, Cuba, Korea, and Syria.  But despite signals by Washington the Sudan would be delisted, the Americans kept Khartoum within the ill-famous list. The first signal was that if Sudan signs the 2005 peace agreement Washington would delist it, but albeit the peace deal the country remained there. Similar signals were sent to Khartoum as regard the south Sudan referendum, the independence declaration, the Darfur issue and the south Kordufan conflict.

"we have never placed much hope in the  American honoring their pledge" of lifting Sudan's name from the American list of countries supportive of international terrorism, Presidential Assistant, Dr Nafi Ali Nafie, said upon his return from marathon meeting with Egyptian politicians.  In 1993, four years after Omar Al Bashir took over in bloodless coup d'état, Washington considered Khartoum a sponsor of terrorism and since has never changed its stance.

"Designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism in 1993, Sudan remained a cooperative partner in global counterterrorism efforts against al-Qaida (AQ) in 2010. During the past year, the Government of Sudan worked actively to counter AQ operations that posed a potential threat to U.S. interests and personnel in Sudan. Sudanese officials have indicated that they viewed continued cooperation with the United States as important and recognized the potential benefits of U.S. training and information-sharing." The State Department said in a report on the occasion of the renewal of the list.

The report recognized the efforts exerted by the government of Sudan in limiting taking n steps to limit the activities of foreign terrorist groups within Sudan and has worked hard to disrupt foreign fighters’ use of Sudan as a logistics base and transit point for violent extremists going to Iraq.  

It also commended Sudan's role in combating money laundering and in countering Terrorist Finance " Regional and International Cooperation: Sudanese officials regularly discussed counter terrorism issues with U.S. counterparts. Sudan was generally responsive to the international community’s concerns on terrorism and was generally supportive of international counter terrorism efforts."

But the report has charged that "nonetheless, elements of designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations, including al-Qaida-inspired terrorists, remained in Sudan, as gaps remained in the Sudanese government’s knowledge of and ability to identify and capture these individuals as well as prevent them from exploiting the territory for smuggling activities."

Maintaining the name of Sudan in the list entails a host of economic, technological, military and political sanctions on Khartoum.

However Dr Nafi, the third highest ranking official in Sudan, after Bashir and Vice President Taha, said the decision to renew the sanctions has "nothing new in this decision... it is expected from the American…we have never placed much trust in America honoring its pledges or fulfilling is promises."


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