September 11 Attacks in Perspective By: Ahmed Ali,

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum, (sudanow.info.sd)- Fortunately for the US investigators, the hijackers forgot to take along a copy of the Holy Koran and the flight handbook. And in a few days the 19 hijackers were identified and their pictures were displayed on all TV screens.

The official version of the story has appeared more absurd.  The passport of Mohamed Atta, who was identified as “the sedition leader”, was planned to spring intact out of the explosions, fire and destruction a few buildings away from the international trade center. A few days later, another passport, said to be of Ziad Jarrah was found beside the wreckage of plane 93 in Pennsylvania.

Why have those hijackers taken their passports with them in a domestic flight, in the first place?

It was obvious that this proof was introduced by some individuals who intended to place direct blame upon Usama bin Laden. How could Arab students who have never piloted a plane to imitate training lessons and fly Jumbo jets in the skill and accuracy of experienced pilots? This is nonsense. The truth is that the true identity of the September 11 pilots remains ambiguous. In the following days a list containing names and profiles of the hijackers was published, including at least seven Arabs. This was followed by protests on their obvious innocence.

This is true. Seven of the 19 abductors are still alive and in good health. They were victims whose IDs or passports were stolen and who were interviewed by several news institutions, including The Telegraph of England which said that all of them were from Saudi Arabia. It was feared that they might have been mistakenly identified by the FBI as “suicidal terrorists”. None of the accused four men was in the US on September 11 and all of them are alive in their home-country. The four men said their accusation as terrorists was unfair because none of them has visited the US. A pilot of Saudi Airlines was on a training course in Tunisia when the trade center was attacked. Saudi Airlines has therefore declared its right to sue FBI for defamation by accusing one of its pilots. Mohamed Atta’s passport was also stolen in 1999.

It is to be noted that the story of those men whose identities were stolen was briefly reported by ABC 7 TV Channel and the British BBC Channel, although the FBI has not made a denial, while the media and the government have ignored this “simple but disturbing” fact, and continued repeating this “ambiguous” lie that the identities of the hijackers were known and that all the 15 men were Saudis.

The CNN quoted FBI Chief Robert Mueller as admitting that identities of some of the September 11 hijackers as being examined as some IDs have been stolen. What makes the Air Force reaction appear slow, even dubious, was an article published by the NEWSWEEK saying that a Pentagon official cancelled flight plans for September 11 for security reasons. There was another warning signal that could have been reconsidered earlier. Moreover, there is a unit within the Air Force that monitors foreign radio stations and defend the American air-space , using a radar network, and possesses fighter planes that are ready round the clock to respond to any development. Was it more prepared than ever to respond?

In an analysis of the New York and Washington attacks of September 11, a former Pakistani Intelligence chief said the attacks were masterminded by Israelis, noting that the attacks began at 8:45 am and the Air Force fighters were not moved before 10:00 am. A Mexican expert of explosive and destructive materials said the demolition of the Trade Center towers was well organized and explosive materials must have been placed beforehand at certain points in the towers as, according to the expert, it is so difficult for a plane to carry out the job.

All signs of evidence were swiftly destroyed, while thousands of tons of the towers steel sold to a company in New York owned by an Israeli businessman who shipped it to China and India for refinement and repair.

Radio Chaina transmitted a report saying that the New York Metal Management is a commercial company that takes steel from major projects. The company, according to the Radio report, took 70,000 tons of the destroyed towers waste, including the steel mainstays, and some of the waste was shipped across the Pacific to Asian countries, including China and India.

This was the greatest crime and most bloody one in history, yet the engineers were not allowed to have a look at the most important evidence: the steel.

New York received reports from numerous Israelis who were regarded as missing and President George Bush, in a statement he made Thursday night, said about 130 Israelis were missing in the attacks but the Israeli Consul-General stated on Friday that the list contained reports on absent persons.

“The truth was that there were only three Israelis who were involved in the attacks and were confirmed dead; two of them were on board the planes and the third one was visiting the Trade Center. He was identified and buried.”

Israeli citizens were verbally notified by an Israeli company of the attacks two hours in advance. Those verbal warning messages were intended to evacuate more than 200 employees of an Israeli government navigation company which owns more than 80 ships.

This Israeli navigation, which is considered the world’s ninth biggest shipping company, in fact left its offices in the International Trade Center only a week ahead of the September 11 attacks.

Dan Nadler, an official of the company, said: “when we saw the pictures, we felt that we were very lucky.  All operations we had in the US on the 16th floor were finished and the company moved to Virginia to cut down the rent of the offices.”

Only minutes after the attacks many politicians and terrorism experts appeared on many TV channels alleging that the attacks were masterminded by Usama bin Laden. The bereaved American people naively accepted this version without any question or investigation. Bush Administration alleged that it had an evidence linking bin Laden to the attacks and said it would reveal this evidence in a few days. They had never done this nor had they produced any evidence that it was Al-Qaeda that had blown up the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es-Salam in 1997. The accusations against bin Laden were baseless  but they (the Americans) were persistent on their allegation that bin Laden was the culprit responsible for the attacks on the embassies and the Trade Center. The campaign against bin Laden turned into a widespread brain-wash operation.

The Taliban government of Afghanistan was demanded to hand bin Laden over to the US or face an attack (which was in fact planned since June 2001, ahead of the attacks on the Trade Center towers). Taliban, however, said it was ready to hand bin Laden over to a neutral party on condition that the Us provides them with an evidence that bin Laden was involved in the attack of the embassies in 1997 and in the September 11 attacks. No evidence was produced to Taliban for two reasons:

  1. There was no evidence, not even a minor one.                                                                                                                                 

  2. The war for removing Taliban government and substituting it with a puppet government was already planned and the September 11 attacks were only taken as an excuse, it looked as if the incident was intended to obtain support of the American people to the planned war on Afghanistan.

Three months after the September 11 attacks and with the continued attacks on Afghan villages, the US has not produced any proof to link bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda with the September 11 attacks and people in the Arab countries began to throw questions. Then the Pentagon alleged that an anonymous source found a video and Bush clique began to show presentations on the media showing bin Laden boasting and admitting to a role he played in the attacks. How come?  How unlikely that the mastermind of the September 11 attacks, who was so bright that he had successfully accomplished his plot, despite difficulties, and without being recognized, has failed to do his job properly by leaving behind a video of confession to be discovered by the US.

The video was presented on the TV with an English translation at the foot of the screen and the voice was almost inaudible, making viewers in the Arab countries rely on the Pentagon translation. An obedient American news channel (a Zionist)accepted the Pentagon story and translation without a question or objection. Few Arab media announced that the video was credible and this was what they wanted to confirm credibility of the deed, though this was another lie.

On December 20, 2001, the monitoring programme of the German TV, “Sixty Minutes for Germany”, discovered that the translation of the video of “confession” was not only inaccurate but was even fraudulent. Dr. Abd L. M. Husseiny and Professor Gernot Reutter made an independent translation and accused the Pentagon translators of ‘writing many things they wanted to hear but could not be heard clearly even after several trials.”Another falsification detected by the European newspapers was related to bin Laden’s picture in the video of confession in which he appeared in a healthy face with a big nose while previous pictures showed him as having a skinny face with a slim, long nose.

Is the Pentagon leadership capable of carrying out such deception? Why not? They have permitted September 11 attacks to occur, haven’t they?  The Pentagon has previously admitted that they have a special section that provides the media with false stories for serving strategic goals. The New York Times published in February 2002 a report of Pentagon plans for deliberately providing the media with mistaken stories as part of their efforts to influence politics. The Pentagon has established the strategic power office for this purpose.  The general of the Air Force, Simon B. Warden was appointed to preside over this endeavor. Warden is responsible to Douglas Faith, another loyal Zionist who, for his political cunning, was appointed as an agent for the Department of Defense. The American Jewish Association granted Faith and his father two awards in an honorary dinner in 1999 for their devotion in serving Israel and the Jewish people.

The Mossad has previously alleged that “200 terrorists of Al-Qaeda are being prepared for big attacks in the US.” But until now none of them was detected whereas 200 Israeli spies were uncovered, including many soldiers, electronic technicians, experts in monitoring and recording telephone calls as well as experts in explosives that can demolish huge buildings. Those spies were detected and released, adding to our fears. On December 11, 2002 Senator (Democrat) Bob Graham, who is a prominent member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was a host in a BBC news programme in which he expressed his belief that a foreign government or governments financed and supported the hijackers of September 11 planes.

He said he thinks there is a proof that some terrorists were backed, not only financially, but were fully supported by an influential foreign government and for this reason the issue was shelved. This makes us look for a proof that this was wrong and believe that there are other reasons for the existence of terrorists, with wide-ranging activities; in the US… he said the truth will reveal itself when the issue is over and kept in the archives, a matter which may take 20-30 years from now.  But what is needed, he said, was the information because it is connected with the fright that is gripping the American community at present.

In this connection, we may quote an FBI official as saying to FOX news channel: that the proof linking the Israelis to September was embargoed information; for this reason, he could not tell his interviewer of the compiled information because it is confidential.

Meanwhile, Robert Fisk says he was a correspondent of the Independent newspaper, not a conspiracy correspondent and that he was absolutely disturbed by the contradictions in the official version of September 11 attacks. They are not only related to the obviously erroneous results. Where are the parts (engines, etc.) of the plane that assaulted the US Department of Defense? Why were the officials of United Flight 93 (which was destroyed in Pennsylvania) silenced? Why did the wreckage of Flight 93 plane spread miles away from the place of the incident whereas it was assumed that the plane was destroyed intact at the venue?

He said he was talking from a scientific point of view: If kerosene-white petroleum- burns at 820 degrees centigrade under optimum circumstances, how could the steel pillars of the twin towers be demolished simultaneously whereas their melting point is presumably 1480 degrees centigrade? (They collapsed in 8.1-10 seconds). What about the third tower, which is known as the International Trade Center No. 7 (or Salmon Brothers Building) which collapsed in 6.6 seconds at its base at 5:20 in the afternoon of September 11? Why did it fall in this way whereas it was not hit by any plane? The American National Institute for Standards and Technology was instructed to analyze the cause of the demolition of the three buildings. They haven’t until now submitted any report on the International Trade Center building No. 7. Two prominent American mechanical engineers are now legally challenging the terms of the supportive reference of the final report arguing it might be “deceptive or fraudulent”.

On August 14, 2006, Paul Krogman, a prominent American academic and analyst, wrote in the New York Times, criticizing George Bush policies: “Today, we realize that from the outset, Bush Administration and its allies in Congress did not regard the terrorism threat as a problem that must be resolved but only as a political opportunity that must be exploited.” This viewpoint is not new as over the past years numerous articles and commentaries, expressing this viewpoint, attributed to analysts, intelligence experts and senior politicians, including former US President Jimmy Carter in a statement he made on October 25, 2004. But the world get convinced each day that if the September 11 attacks did not occur by themselves. their occurrence would have beenarranged.

On September 6, 2003, Michael Mitchell, Member of the British chambre of Commons and Environment Minister from 19997 to 2003, published the following astonishing facts under the title (the False War Myth on Terrorism): “We know that the American Century Project has long been planned. The plan’s document, inter alia, stipulates: The United States must hinder the industrial nations from challenging its global leadership or from looking forwards to a regional or international role. It is now high time stepping up the American military presence in Southeast Asia. The US has to consider the development of biological weapons with which it can target certain ethnicities and turning the biological war from terrorism to a useful political tool.”

Numerous names of famous analysts and observers were added to the list of skeptics in the credibility of official American version, including Robert Fisk and Philip Chenon who wrote that the American committee of investigation sought to obliterate, rather than, reveal the truth. Those names also included Erick Margolis, an American who has written many articles and made remarkable appearance on several major media organs and served as a journalist with the Canadian Toronto Sun  for 27 years and was sacked after publishing a book titled “All Accidents Mother”, containing his remarks on September 11 attacks.

Conclusions Margolis reached included one saying that until now we do not know what happened and another conclusion saying that the US official version of the story lacked credibility, what happened was taken as an excuse for the American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, these wars were waged for some reasons, including control of the fields of petroleum and the routes of oil exports. Margolis also concluded filling up the American military industrial funds. All this was aimed at enforcing the position of the neo-Conservatives and tightening the American-Israeli grip on the region and on the world at large, Margolis remarked. The doubts Margolis raises about the American version on the attacks included one in which he wondered about non-intervention of the American Air Defense as it usually intervenes in hijacking incidents and actually intervened in the downing of the Louisiana plane which was full of passengers, but after the demolition of the two towers and the Pentagon.

He wondered about the ability of amateur pilots to fly at low altitude and also wondered about the presence of Israeli photographers ready to take shots of the collapsing towers and dancing jubilantly while they were taking photos of the towers, in addition to an intensive presence of the Mossad during operations of the suspects well before the incidence of the attacks. Margolis was also surprised with failure of the then Security Affairs Secretary Condoleezza Rice to show concern with repeated warnings by the CIA predicting an imminent terrorist action.  A year September 11, a document titled ‘Reconstruction of US Defenses’ was issued by an organization named ‘A project for a New American Century’ (PNAC) headed by leading figures of Bush Administration. This organization calls for scaling up military expenditure, arguing that the American peace should be based on absolute American military supremacy and this might be realized faster if the US was subjected to “a catastrophic incident (serving as a catalyst), something like a new Pearl Harbor”. The occurrence of September 11 attacks were regarded by President Bush and his aides as the new Pearl Harbor they were looking for.

Dr. Jamal Abdul Hai, the media researcher at Times Valley University in London, says that reviewing opinion polls conducted in more than 20 nations, published by the Washington Post, carried out by such specialized and respected strategic institutions as Bio Studies Center, The Herald Tribune, James Zugbe and  Gallop Center , in addition to statistics and opinion polls published by the London-based Time and Guardia, all confirm that the American lies are detected not only by the Arabs but also by the West. The majority of these opinion polls points out that the American policy is of a selfish nature, serving only American interests.

The PNAC document, which dates back to September 2000, includes a provision on control of the Gulf region, in the presence or absence of Saddam Hussein. Generally, the skeptics of the American allegations about the September 11 attacks concur on the following conclusions:

  • The American war on terrorism is false and aims at dominating the world.                                                                                     

  • Washington notified the Pakistani Foreign Minister in June 2001 of its intention of carrying out a military action against Afghanistan.

  • Thefighters in Andrews base are only about 10 miles away from Boston, why did not they intercept the hijacked planes                       

  • At least 10 countries warned Washington against September attacks while European intelligence services presented it with detailed information.              

  • The American forces were close, more than once, to hunting down Usama bin Laden but the implementation orders were delayed each time.                  

  • Ramsfield tens of times asked the CIA to find any proof that links Iraq to September 11 attacks.              

  • Roosevelt ignored warnings on Pearl Harbor incident in order to convince the American people of the need to take part in World War II, did Bush take a similar stance?                     

  • An American official said: “An early arrest of bin Laden threatens to undermine the war on terrorism.”                                                                                                

In a further act of camouflage, the Mossad joined the so-called ‘anti-defamation’ group in addition to its work with the Zionist media and Pentagon and with the Zionist Congress group. This organization alleges that it seeks to preserve the civil rights and individual freedom and fight fanaticism but as a matter of fact it is a political body that is specialized in elimination of the professions of honest people and defamation of any person (whether a Jew or non-Jew) who criticizes Zionism or Israel.

There is a long list of famous politicians, authors, artists and thinkers who were fiercely attacked by the anti-defamation group and other Zionist organizations, including conservatives (such as Pat Potshanan and Joe Soprano), Liberals (such as Marlon Brando and Joe Gadel) Republicans (such as Senator Charles Persey and Congressman Paul Findlay) and Democrats (such as Senator William Fulbright and Congressman James Traficant) in addition to Black politicians (such as Congresswoman KenethaMackini and poet Emery Praka) and even Jewish figures (such as (Noam Chomsky and late Senator Paul Williston)

Although he was a Jew, Paul Williston was opposed to Israel and to the Iraq war and even declared his support to the Palestinian rights . Once upon a time, he met Yassir Arafat and publicly supported the establishment of a Palestinian state. Senator Williston and his wife were killed in a mysterious plane accident only several days after his election for the second time. It is difficult to prove that Williston was assassinated but it was a public knowledge that the Zionist Congress Group, Bush and Cheney were concerned with a way of knocking him out of the Senate.  There is nothing that angers the Zionists more than “a Jew who hates himself”.  Senator Williston was replaced by Norm Coleman, a fanatic Republican Zionist, who was chosen by Bush and Cheney and supported by the Zionist Congress Group. Only in a few days, Coleman ranked ahead of tens of senior Senators and was even appointed Chairman of the Senate’s Committee of Enquiries.

In a raid on the Anti-defamation Group offices in California in 1993, the FBI found files of about 10,000 persons in America kept by the Group and that more than 75% of the information on those persons was illegally obtained for the police. Those included FBI files, driving licenses and bank statements. The high court in San Francisco issued a verdict of a fine of 150,000 dollars to be paid by the Anti-Defamation Group for its relationship with the FBI investigators.

All this was due to the fact that Mueller, Ashcroft, Bush, Clinton, Giovanni and others can do nothing than agree to the Zionist mafia and cannot defy it because they fear that Foxman and Mossad agents would disclose to the Zionist mafia the simple secret of the stolen FBI files. And as those persons are useful and obedient, they are promoted and appreciated by the Zionist media.

The American policy relied on lies to promote the idea of linking Islam to terrorism and to justify the its genocidal wars. Much talk is being made about the fabricated lies  but silence prevails , obviously in collusion.

There are statements related to those lies contained in a huge report prepared by researchers of the American General Integration Center under supervision of Check Louis Foundation. Writer Ray Graven enumerated 115 lies told by George Bush and his Administration on September 11 incidents which he fabricated.  He mentioned those lies in his book which is titled ‘Exclusions and fabrication of the Committee of Investigation” the French translation of which was published in 2005.

American journalist Webster Tarpley, speaking on the American acts of aggression at a peace conference held in November 2005, said: “We cannot understand the current policy of the United States if we play down the true goal of the September 11 incidents which were a making of the state. The war on terrorism was based on a fabricated myth that has soon turned into a doctrine, a forced doctrine that we have to believe in. The only method in the struggle against the neo0Conservatives is to undermine this fabricated myth and form a fact-finding committee like Russell committee which was formed in the wake of the Vietnamese War.”

Moreover, on February 24, 2008, ABS agency published an article by MerineGutierth in which he said George Bush and his Administration made not less than 935 lies and false statements on 532 occasions before and after Iraq invasion in 2003.

To the astonishment of honest people, when he was asked about the implication of the September 11 attack on the US-Israeli relations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quickly responed: “It was very good … “ he checked his words and added: “Well it was not good but will result in partnership and direct harmony with Israel.”

The incident resulted not only in direct sympathy with Israel but created extreme hatred with the Arabs and Muslims. In the days that immediately followed the September 11 incidents there occurred numerous cases of violent attacks (some fatal) against innocent Muslims. The motives of this hatred were the Zionist media, violence and indiscriminate US attacks (in some cases Indian Hindus were killed).

All signs indicate that the campaign against Muslims in America is a result of dynamic complicated relationship between political interest groups who believe that their different goals concur on a common objective of marring the image of Islam and Muslims. These groups complement each other in the general strategy of attempting to portray Islam and Muslims as entities that pose a threat to the Us and its citizens.

The fanatics in the US Administration were waiting for something to detonate the explosive dream and they thought that the September 11 incidents brought about what they waited for and under the repercussions of the incidents and amid the criminal feeling among Muslims and their fear of the American power wrath and the world-wide fear from the American reaction, the US could dominate the entire world in a short period of time.. It will occupy Afghanistan to lay siege on Russia, put an end to the Pakistani nuclear ambitions by making allies with India. It will occupy Iraq and then Syria, change the hostile regime in Teheran, will thus remove the threat on the Zionist entity for good and rub out the Palestinian cause. The US will sweep the entire region between the Nile and Euphrates, from east to west. The US will reshape the region in the way they dream of, in a way that puts out the light of Islam and will crush in the bud the Islamic movement in the Islamic world.

The entire world will follow the power that dominates this rich region.

A process will be imposed to dry up all sources of Islam all over the world, will curb the religious institutes, close down the Koranic schools, place restrictions on building mosquesand order the gradual minimization of printing the Holy Koran until it is stopped in a certain period of time. They will also order changing its text by rescinding some verses of issuing a new text like the “genuine Koran” which they fabricated and distributed in several parts of the world.  In addition, they will mobilize the hostile Radio and TV servicesto lead a campaign against Islam, citing their allegation that Islam provides for oppression of women and other allegations.

Israeli allies include elements in the local security authorities and leading figures in the armed forces who regard Islam as posing a threat to their living after the fall of the Soviet Union. Those allies consider the terrorist threat as a source of earning their living and as the reason for their very existence.

Politically, the Christian right is a powerful source of agitation against Islam in the US. The fundamentalist Christians have long targeted their guns towards Islam and they fear its fast spread in America and overseas. Their commandments center on the concept of the felicit millennium age which supports the state of Israel and therefore facilitates the return of Jesus Christ (May peace be upon him). It is therefore logical that the cause of Israel becomes their cause too.

Another element which enforces the anti-Islam campaign is the group of expatriates organizations which is made up of ethnic and religious minorities in the Muslim countries such as the Christian Copts in Egypt, the Christian Maronites in Lebanon and the Christians in South Sudan.

Most of these groups carry out a clandestine role or full support to the “Zionist Lobby”, which supports Israel, either for political circumstances, like in Lebanon, or because they believe that there are political benefits from cooperation with the strongest Lobby in the US.

As for the Indian-Israeli alliance, it is regarded by most Muslims in the world, especially those in the semi-Continent of India, as a growing hostile power that threatens the regional stability in the Middle East and South Asia. These two lobbies continued to work, within the US policies, as a joint united front against Islam.

This was how they imagined and dreamt. Look at what has happened several years after September 11.

The US has spent 8 trillion dollar in its wars Iraq and Afghanistan, which was double the expenditure on World War II, causing a catastrophic recession for the US economy.

The US international image was further tarnished, its scandals mushroomed, its false slogans were unmasked in Guantanamo, Abu Ghareib, the secret prisons and the police state laws. These images will likely accompany the US culture for many decades.

Its occupation of Iraq results were contrary to its expectations, as it has nothing now than to withdraw from that country and the greatest beneficiary from its stupidity was Iran, while the spirit of resistance I inherent in every honest Iraqi national, and will certainly flare up once again. The future of the American project in Iraq is gloomy and will be destined to total failure after it has sustained hardly uncountable human and physical losses while incidents of suicide among the American troops have scored a high rate as a result of the war in Iraq.

The US mistakes were beneficial to China which has developed economically, and to Russia which has restored its strength after hikes in the prices of petroleum and gas. Russia dealt the Us several blows in the Caucus region and launched its navy  fleets, provoking the US on the frontiers of its territorial water, even conducted military maneuvers with Venezuela. Russia has also revitalized its nuclear missile arsenal and its strategic bombers, bringing back to memory the cold war days and undermining the US dream of dominating the world to the extent that the Russian President has of late plainly and sternly told the Americans: We cannot accept a world dominated by America.

After September 11 the Islamic call has spread in tremendous proportions and convicts to Islam have doubled in number, even in the West, while the so-called piety phenomenon prevalence in the Islamic work has become remarkably obvious and the Islamic satellite channels have dominated the media space and the Islamic media has achieved tremendous leaps forward.

In Afghanistan, Taliban has restored its strength, expanded into Pakistan and gained a big support and is now spreading powerful with the Afghani and Pakistani peoples standing behind it. The CIA and Pentagon experts presented, during the Soviet-Afghani war, pictures, via the artificial satellites, and maps of Soviet targets around Afghanistan. The head of the CIA center in Islamabad has placed an objection to the Soviet military communications.

Other CIA specialists and military officials provided the mujahids (holy fighters) with secret communication systems and trained Pakistani instructors for training the mujahids on how to use those systems. They were also provided with books and leaflets on psychological war and were instructed on how to use explosives for the demolition of such key targets as bridges, channels and fuel storehouses. The mujahids were also provided with timed chemical and electronic devices and remote keys for timed bombs and missiles so that they could humiliate the Soviets and force them out of Afghanistan.

Now the Islamic world has become more proud of its faith and more adherent to its identity and the Crusade war, which was declared by the US, has revived the culture of jihad (holy war) in the Islamic world and many Muslims of various ethnicities and social classes have been recruited to the jihad.

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