The State Minister for Information reaffirms the situation in Damzain under full control

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)


Khartoum, Sept 2 (sudanow.info.sd) The State Minister for Information, Sanaa Hamad, has reaffirmed that the Sudan Armed Forces are currently in full control of the situation in Damzain, the Blue Nile, since the early hours of the day, Friday.

The State Minister told the Sudan News Agency that the concerned security authorities have asked the Sudan people's liberation Movement SPLM in the Blue Nile state, to hand over all those responsible for the incident and that those who declined to hand themselves over should be arrested.

She said the house of the Governor Malik Aggar, which is located in Kurmuk town, was not attacked by the Armed Forces, but she stressed the army is currently in full control of the compounds and of all the positions of the SPLM in the areas after those guarding the house of Aggar got involved in the incidents.

The Minister said Governor Aggar forces have attacked police and regular forces positions in Baw area in the Blue Nile state.

The Minister told Sudan News Agency that forces loyal to Aggar have attacked the Sudanese Armed Forces in the region despite the government moves and presidential decision to declare a ceasefire unilaterally. She stressed the Movement forces have declined to respond to the ceasefire announced by the President of the Republic a matter that pre-meditated plans to launch a war in the area.

She pinpointed to the fact that Sudan has submitted a complaint to the United Nations Security Council on the repeated violations by the Republic of South Sudan movement for the peace agreements and for its support to the rebels in South Kordufan the Blue Nile state.

She said the government was surprised by a move taken by the Movement in the Blue Nile which evacuated the families of its elements, both military and political leaderships, from Damzain to the Kurmuk area. She added that well before midnight they stared their attack against elements of the Sudanese Armed Forces within the Joint Military Forces in the areas of Um Darragga and Ollou and Talliia but were repulsed and they fled away.

She said at about one hour before midnight, the SPLM started attacks with light weapons inside Damzain focusing on Al Zour, Nahadha, Errkawit, and crops market in Damzain.

She said at about half an hour after midnight SPLM started using quadruple heavy guns from inside the industrial zone in Damzain area.

She explained that this was coupled with a military movement in the Dindir area heading for Damzain town but was repulsed by the Sudanese Armed Forces and other regular forces in the region and were defeated.

She stressed that by the early hours of the day, the town of Damzain was under full control of the armed forces.


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