Mediation submits proposal on ending oil crisis between Sudan and South Sudan

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Khartoum, Sudan (Sudanow) - The current round of talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on post independence issues between the Republic of the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan continued whereby the High level Implementation Panel of the African Union submitted a proposal of a road map for a final agreement on oil, a statement carried by the Sudan News Agency SUNA said Saturday evening.

Reporting from Addis Ababa, the Sudan News Agency said that that the delegation of the Government of the Sudan prepared a reply to the AUHIP and called on the current chair of the panel, Former Burundi President Pierre Buyoya, who head the current round of the negotiations, and his technical team.

The delegation of the Government of the Sudan briefed the chair and the technical team on its view of the proposal and welcomed the efforts exerted by the mediation team and reviewed the negative effect resulting from the failure of the government of south Sudan to pay the dues of the Sudan against the transportation of south Sudan oil since July 2011, using Sudanese oil infrastructures.

The Sudan News Agency SUNA has learned that the delegation has also reaffirmed the commitment of the Sudanese government to reach an equitable solution to the question. The delegation also expressed anew its full confidence in the mediation of the High level implementation Panel of the African union under the leadership of former South African president Thabo Mbeki.

The delegation also laid before the panel and its technical team the views of the Sudanese government delegation about the proposal of the mediation which comprises principles that serve as a roadmap to this effect. It also reaffirmed the need to ensure that Sudan should receive its full right against the transportation of the south Sudan oil using Sudanese infrastructures  and that the current situation be resolved with regards to the transportation of oil via the Sudan.

The proposal of the high level implementation panel also included an interim phase of three months and a second phase regarding the conclusion of an agreement on transportation of the oil.

It is to be mentioned that the mediation has expressed its appreciation for the positive attitude of the delegation of the government of the Sudan towards eh proposals the panel has submitted.

The mediation will study the response submitted by the two parties, i.e. the Sudan and the republic of southern Sudan delegation and to work to reconcile between the two proposal so as to reach an agreement on the provisional arrangements about the transportation of the oil of the state of south Sudan via the republic of the Sudan against paying a sum to be agreed upon pending the conclusion of a final agreement between the two sides.

It is to be noted that the mediation had in the past submitted a proposal within same context in November, and which the government of Sudan had accepted but which was rejected by the government of South Sudan.



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