Under motto “”Miskaqro: Wadi Halfa to host 1st Nubian, Cultural, and Tourist Festival in November

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum- (Sudanow) — Under the motto: Miskaqro (Greetings to You) Wadi Halfa City, on the shores of Lake Nubia in Sudan’s Northern State near the border with Egypt, is preparing to launch the 1st Nubian, Cultural and Tourist Festival, scheduled for next November. The well publicized festival will feature Nubian Civilization, considered one of the most ancient civilizations in the southern hemisphere, the biblically cited ancient Sudan (Kush). It was the birth place of the first kingdom in the world.

“The festival aims to reflect the Nubian civilization through organization of cultural symposia, historical rituals and costume shows and an Operetta depicting the inauguration of the Nubian Kings”, Al-Magid Mohamed Abdul-Magid, Head of the Higher Organizing Committee of the festival, told Sudanow.

The festival activities will further include a number of Nubian songs besides reparation for the Nubian heritage arts and books which reviewed the Nubian civilization, culture and environment, he noted.

He said there would also be cultural entertainment activities including Nubian poetry, arts, competitions and documentary cinema shows reflecting the ancient Nubian heritage.

Organizers hope that the festival would be launched at Wadi Halfa with Panorama Operetta in which the renowned Nubian singer Mohamed Munir from Egypt and others from Dungola, Halfa, and Al-Mahas areas in Sudan, beside a Nubian Band from Egypt would perform.

The Nubian civilization is the richest in the world in terms of archeological wealth. The Nubian civilization or the Kushite, included three kingdoms the first of which is Nepta and then Kerma and finally Meroe.

According to Abdul-Magid, the Nubian civilization could be seen reflected today on many of the Sudanese pottery utensils and archeological engravings which are presently preserved at such international museums as Boston and Warsaw museums which contain many paintings from Faras Church besides the Archeological Museum of Poland.


Meanwhile, Abdul-Magid said many intellects and authors who wrote about the Nubian civilization were invited for the festival including the Swiss Archeologist and writer Charles Bonnet, author of “Kerma Civilization”, Scientist William Y. Adams, author of “Nubia: Corridor to Africa”, Scientist Herman Bern and others.

He said there would be visits to the Nubian archeological sites and museums, pointing out that the festival would avail a good opportunity to reflect the touristic aspects via reactivation of the institutions’ role in informing with tourism in the region, attract tourists and link the Nubian citizen to his history within the context of reaffirming the importance of the Nubian culture and tourism.

The festival will be under the patronage of DAL Group, said Abdul-Magid, noting that the festival would be organized annually on rotation at the various Nubian areas.

The organizing committee of the festival has been in holding meetings since its formation by a ministerial decree issued by the Minister of Tourism, he said, adding that a complete program has been set for the historical event.

As part of the arrangements for launching the festival, the gardens of the National Museum in Khartoum hosts accompanying activities to the festival including a documentary film show reflecting the ancient Nubian civilization together with heritage songs, he concluded.





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