SudanGold Refinery … A Dream turned into reality: -The refinery constitutes the first ever new industrial development in the Sudan

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KHARTOUM, Sudan  (Sudanow)- I was overwhelmed with pleasure and delight and thankfulness to God and my hand trembled as I was gripping the heavy bar of gold that was part of the first ever shipment of gold prepared for export produced by the Sudan refinery to bring in 1.6 million US dollars

Dr. Azhary al-Tayeb Ahmed, the manager of the refinery told SUDANOW, in his first ever media interview, that it was the first shipment of 100 kilograms of pure gold refined by the refinery the annual capacity of which is 270 tons

The idea of establishing the refinery:

Dr. Ahmed said the notion of the refinery cropped up after Almighty God has endowed us with a tremendous wealth of gold ore which was exported in the form of gold ore bars that contained silver, copper and other accompanying minerals. The building of the refinery began in 2011, it was inaugurated this month and exportation of its product will start this week, he   said

 -The production capacity of the refinery is 270 tons per year

-it will be a center for refining gold in Africa’s central, western and eastern regions


The Manager said the vision of the refinery focuses on reaching a leading and distinguished role in refining gold and silver to make of it a preferable target for dealers in these two minerals. It applies the latest and best technologies available for refining in a high quality with a reasonable competitive cost. It is run by Sudanese personnel trained by foreign experts; those personnel are now 23 in number, including the general manager. Efforts have been exerted to make of it an international model center for dealing in precious minerals through development of the mining industry in the Sudan. 

The refinery abides by the principles of honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, accuracy and credibility in addition to the esprit de corps shrouded by the community responsibility

Objectives of the Refinery:

The Refinery Manager said the objectives of establishing the refinery and which” we endeavor to reach include obtaining a pure, gangue-free gold, benefitting from other minerals which used to be lost, denying the State considerable financial resources.” The objectives also include easing the pressure on foreign currencies by producing gold bars equivalent to foreign currency amounts issued to persons who want to travel abroad for medical treatment, tourism or any other purpose other than the international trade. Moreover, the amounts of money that used to be given to external purchasers in return for carrying our purchasing and liquidation operations will be saved. In addition, employment of Sudanese man-power in the mining and accompanying services as the bigger proportion of the mining is attributable to the private mining ventures, thus easing the pressure on the government for finding jobs to those people in addition to contribution to the development of mining and improvement of the work environment to match the international standards

The Refinery capital is SDG 100 million

According to Dr. Ahmed, the capital of the refinery is estimated at 100 million Sudanese pounds made up of 100 shares divided to the three shareholders in the following ratios:

1-The Bank of Sudan: 70%

2-The Ministry of Finance and National Economy: 15%

3- Sudanmin Company: 15%

the refining fees are competitive to the international fees in addition to facilitating entry and exit arrangements in accordance with the domestic and global laws


The Sections of the Refinery:

The Manager said the Refinery consists of the following sections:


The Sudan Gold Refinery employs a chemical process known as the regal water for refining. It is a safe and effective method that is regarded friendly to the environment and it yields highly pure gold with a purity rate of 9999.9


The refinery employs the recognized chemical and electrical methods for refining silver with a purification rate that reaches 999.5

The Laboratory:


The refinery applies the latest methods of analyzing the silver and gold that are applied internationally such as the spectroscopes and the weight analysis methods of a high-quality degree.

The Foundry: It consists of a number of modern electrical ovens capable of melting homogeneous bars of gold and silver, both ore and refined 

The Refinery Manager added that the Refinery is under the supervision of an Italian company that won the tender over a large number of bidders. This company is renowned for long, wide experience and high technology in refining gold and has built a number of refineries around the world, including refineries in South Africa, Ghana and Dubai

Advantages of the Sudan Gold Refinery:

Dr. Ahmed said the Refinery produces 24-caliber gold bars of 999.9, 999 and 995 rates of purification in sizes of one kilogram and other standard international sizes in addition of 100-gram pieces and little grains. As for the silver, the Refinery produces bars of a 999.5 purity rate in sizes of one kilogram and other standard international sizes in addition to a 100-gram size and little grains of silver

He said a high technology is applied in running the Refinery and the operation system is linked to the company headquarters in Italy in such a way that any deficiency is located and fixed immediately

Services to the customers:


The important services provided by the Refinery include the following:

-Gold and silver refining operations

-Transforming the sizes of the bars from big to small and vice versa

-Transforming the gold fragments into bars

-examination of the gold bars

-manufacture of golden and silver coins, medals and souvenirs

The expected benefits of the Refinery


Dr. Ahmed said the establishment of the Refinery is a new industrial development of refining and processing gold that will later on facilitate starting a new industrial pattern of the precious minerals production to be followed by jewelry, gold and silver industries. The Refinery also contributes to the production of pure gold bars to be used for obtaining funding lines when the prices decrease on gold guarantees without the need for the immediate sale of the gold ore

The Refinery can serve as a gold ore refining center for central, west and east Africa for internationally competitive prices in addition to providing the necessary facilities of entry and exit procedures in accordance with the domestic and global laws and rules in addition to dealing in the Sudanese pound locally and in the dollar for other countries

The Future Refinery Plan 

The Manager said the Refinery is equipped for the possible industry of golden and silver coins in addition to golden and silver grains and chains for sale in kilograms to the goldsmiths and jewelers

He said the Refinery currently operates in a single-shift system and that the machine produces 300 kilograms in one shift of six hours, bringing in 17 million dollars at the present price. It can operate in a three-shift system, Dr. Ahmed said, adding that the Refinery will be capable of producing 600 kilos of gold a day

Security of the Refinery:

Such an edifice requires full security, said the Refinery Manager, adding that, for this purpose, it has been placed under a strategic security battalion of a high defensive capacity

How to open an account with the Refinery:

Dr. Ahmed said the following documents are required for opening an account with the Refinery:

- The documents of registration of the company or the business name, the address, the telephone numbers and the e-mail address

-The shareholders full names and addresses

-A copy of a valid business license•

-A copy of approval by the Board of Directors for opening an account

-Full information on the representatives who deal with the account

-A letter of recommendation from a trusted bank

-As for the companies which are not registered in the Sudan, the documents must be certified by the Sudanese embassy in the country of registration

-As regards the documents needed for shipping gold from abroad to the Refinery, Dr. Ahmed said they include commitment with all relevant international standards and possession of invoices and certificates of origin with full details of the quantity and degree of purity and a certificate from the Sudanese Customs in addition to details on the gold carrier, whether air, land or sea

-It uses the environment-friendly regal water for   refining gold 


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