Sudan says Israeli war planes behind attack on Yarmouk Military complex in Khartoum

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)


Khartoum, (sudanow.info.sd)- Sudan on Wednesday accused Israel of attacking an arms factory in Khartoum, killing two people and seriously injuring a third one while an unspecified number of persons were treated from bruises, injured, and evacuated.

 The Minister of Information and official spokesman, Dr Ahmed Bilal Osman told a press briefing in Khartoum that at about 12 at night, Tuesday four planes coming from the direction of east Sudan  bombed the Yarmook industrial complex inside Khartoum state.

 "And this does not mean they were coming from one of the neighboring countries on the east. These planes have used high technology to obliterate the radars. They used high technology that could not be found but in some specific countries." The minister argued.

 He said the complex was bombed affecting some of its buildings which were destroyed and houses around were affected and windows shuttered while two civilians were killed spurring horror and panic among civilians living in the neighborhood.

 "This flagrant criminal act has resulted in the martyrdom of two civilians who were sleeping peaceful at their home, a third person was seriously injured, and his situation is critical and a number of civilians were injured or having their limbs broken, they were treated and went home." He stressed.

 "We have previously been subjected, last year and the year before, to an attack that targeted Sudanese civilians in the red sea area and also another attack on a group of civilians, including Sudanese and non Sudanese, and all indications point to the hands of Israel. We are now certain that this fragrant attack was authorized by the same state of Israel. The main purpose is to frustrate our military capabilities and stop any development there and ultimately weaken our national sovereignty"

 "We say that this complex does not produce banned weapons, and it is not underground and it is not aimed to egress others. It is only a national right for conventional weapons."

 The minister said his country would take the matter to the international community, talking to diplomats to explain the aggression and then going to the UN Security Council "but at the same time we will reserve our right to respond at the time and place of our choice. However, this repeated action (by Israel) shows a belittling and disrespect for all international conventions and principles"

 The Sudanese official has meanwhile said his country's army was fully prepared to defend the country. He also distanced any involvement of the newly born south Sudan "For, we do not think the state of south Sudan could do this nor has it any intention or reasons to carry such an action especially at a time we are living in the climate of peace with the south"

 Sudan's Council of Ministers, headed by President Omar Bashir, will meet evening Wednesday in an extra ordinary emergency and to see action for a popular mobilization to stand against such an aggression, the minister said in a highly publicized presser Wednesday.

 "We have been very careful to issue any accusation..despite the fact that all indicators showed that Israel was involved…in  the aggression, the missile remains, the code numbers show the place of fabrication and the technicians are looking into the details. But now we are certain this was carried out by Israel." The minister stressed.







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