Arab researchers discuss Atomic Energy for peaceful purposes

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

KHARTOUM (Sudanow)—The Sudan hosts the 11th Arab Conference on Application of Atomic energy for Peaceful purposes,Which iscurrentlybeingheldand runs for five days,in which Arab researchers will present 100 scientific papers dealing with peaceful application of atomic energy.

It is held in implementation of the 10-year (2010-2020) Arab strategy for peaceful application of atomic energy that was decided by the Arab Heads of State Summit Conference in Khartoum.

Professor Mohamed Ahmed al-Tayeb, Director-General of the Sudanese Atomic Energy Authority (SAEA), said the importance of the Conference is that it seeks to develop the Arab capacity for peaceful implementation of the atomic energy. Besides, it is a significant scientific activity from which the Sudanese researchers will benefit in building relations and exchanging ideas and experience with their peers of the Arab countries. 

Prof. Tayeb added that the Arab countries are increasingly in need of energy which is the sinew of life for the Arab individual to improve his social status in general. The strategy provides for the peaceful use of the atomic power in 12 fields including health, agriculture, environment, industry, electricity generation and desalination. 

About 200 Arab scientists with present 100 research papers on peaceful application of atomic energy which have been approved by the scientific committee and which cover issues related to application of isotopes in agriculture, veterinary, water, nuclear science and teaching of the nuclear science in the universities and the teaching problems and building human capacity in the important fields and the strategy, according to Prof. Tayeb.


The SAEA sponsors the national, regional and international interests with regards to the atomic energy affairs and endeavors to enable the state to utilize this energy in peaceful purposes for serving the economic development plans and programmes in addition to safeguarding people, animals and environment against radiation hazards and raising awareness of those hazards. It also enables the staff of the peaceful application of atomic energy to obtain technological and scientific experience and cope with the progress in this field.

SAEA has managed to establish and habilitate research laboratories for providing central services and it has thus become a point of liaison between the Sudan and each of the Regional Middle East Center for Isotopes and the Arab Organization besides bringing closer the relations between the Sudan and IAEA and supervision of implementation of the following technical cooperation programmes:  

1-Formulation and follow-up of research projects and organization of visits by the experts

2-Organization of missions and applied studies in various fields

3- Participation in scientific conferences and meetings.

An institute for atomic energy research has been established as part of the research institutes of the National Center in accordance with the National Research Center Act that was issued in 1991. Also in accordance with this Act, the Atomic Energy Commission remained under supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

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