Sudan Embassy to Washington Issues Statement on Arrest of Actor Clooney before the Embassy

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum, March 19 ( Sudan Embassy to Washington has issued a statement on the arrest of the American authorities to the famous American actor Clooney for his dramatic show before Sudan Embassy in Washington and his leading to a protest demonstration calling for stoppage of the so-called air bombing in South Kordofan. The TV channels have broadcast the arrest of the Clooney due to his celebrity.

The Charge d'Affaires at Sudan Embassy in Washington, Dr. Imad-Eddin Al-Tuhami, said that not even one dollar from the millions of dollars gathered Clooney, with the help of the activist Hahn Brengras, who represent the so-called Save Darfur, has reached Darfur people, indicating that none of them has contributed to solving Darfur issue, despite the fact that these contributions were collected for the sake of Darfur which is now enjoying stability and security after the signing of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur.

Hereunder is the text of the statement issued by Sudan Embassy in this regard:-

Actor Clooney puts on a Show in Front of the Embassy of Sudan,

Supporting the Rebels against Innocent Civilians.

Making sufficient use of his celebrity status, the "Enough Project"

and misguided congressmen yet again let loose George Clooney on the

stage to mislead the American public on Sudan.

The actor put on quite the show that could possibly earn him yet

another Golden globe as he thoroughly played his role to perfection in

a script that apparently ends in the lead actor's arrest. Only one

problem, this matter is neither fiction, nor set in Hollywood! The

fictional lines he's parroting have real implications on innocent

Sudanese who are now made all the more vulnerable to the massacres of

the rebels.

Sudan does not object to the constructive engagement of anyone as long

as actions have a genuine motive and are well thought out. We've

always called for the international community's engagement in national

matters when it can be instrumental and effective in resolving issues.

But that's clearly not the case in Clooney's campaign. The actor has

once before broken international law and snuck into Sudan's Abyei area

from where he not so surprisingly emerged with a scenario wholly

divorced from reality as he appallingly took the side of one group and

demonized the other half of innocent citizens, in effect raising

tensions. He yet again snuck into South Kordofan and manufactured a

video littered with fabrications and exaggerations that can only once

again inflame matters. In a population that numbers in the hundreds of

thousands, his camera focused on two or three individuals to star in

his skewed story. He has certainly failed those who might have trusted

him to be truthful enough in this most sensitive issue. His attempts

at being a "Peacemaker" should remain on the big screen.

Contrary to what is claimed by the actor and his puppeteers, the

reality is that the rebels, with the documented support of South

Sudan, are the ones terrorizing and wrecking the lives of the

citizens. The leaders of these groups were the governors of those now

restive areas up until they were voted out of office by their

constituents in democratic elections monitored and legitimized

internationally. It was after this colossal loss that they began to

turn their guns on the innocent civilians. The Government has since

been delivering humanitarian aid to the citizens in order to mitigate

the impact while also taking aggressive measures against the rebels in

order to ensure security of the innocents. The United Nation's

agencies, NGO's, International Organization for Migration (IOM), along

with Sudan's Humanitarian Aid Commission conducted a joint assessment

exercise which recently dispelled the myrth of an "imminent

catastrophe" and indicated that the situation is stable, a credit to

the government's relief efforts. If Clooney is indeed genuinely

concerned, he must establish credibility by telling the complete story

so to allow people to judge for themselves.

Press and Information Office.


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