Statement on Clashes between South Sudan Army and Sudan Armed Forces at Higlig

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum, (Sudanow) - Sudan on Wednesday said talks with south Sudan for resolution of pending post-secession issues would be on hold until the south shows it was for peace.

"The talks between the two countries will be on hold until South Sudan proves to have good faith and intention," the Ministry of Information said in a statement it issued Wednesday.

 The statement argued that the Sudanese government entered the negotiations with the Republic of South Sudan with good intentions and a sincere commitment to renew trust and establish peace.

It stressed that Sudan was had high hopes with the recent talks and agreements, as both sides were on a road to good neighborly relations, peace, and stability for both states.

"We were surprised by the actions of South Sudan and by President Salva Kiir Mayardit's inflammatory comments. Higlig is not one of the disputed border points that were discussed in Addis Ababa last year." The statement lamented.

It stressed that "the talks between the two countries will be on hold until South Sudan proves to have good faith and intentions. We are committed to peace, but what is the point if your partner does not respect it?"

Meanwhile Sudan's Petroleum Minister, Dr Awad Al Jaz, on Wednesday paid a field visit to the oil rich Higlaig area, in South Kordufan, briefly overrun by Southern Sudan troops, spurring huge popular reactions and putting off a scheduled meeting between President Omar Bashir and President Salva Kiir.

"We will not aggress anyone but we will never allow any agent to violate our national territories" Dr Awad Al Jazz from Muglad, which he visited along with the governor of south kordufan state, Ahmed Haroon.

Gen Mohamed Atta, Director of Sudan's National Security and Intelligence, has described in a rare appearance before the national media, the attack on the areas and the claims by south Sudan president that they "have recaptured" the area "deceptive and erroneous" statement "reflecting his ignorance about the border geography.

The powerful security leader has stressed, "Any future improvement in the relations between Sudan and South Sudan and resumption of the negotiations depends on ending of the tension atmosphere and solution of the security file."

Sudan and south Sudan clashed in Higlig, an oil rich border area, smashing all hopes for a meeting between Bashir and Kiir, set for April the 3rd in Juba.

The US issued a statement saying Washington was "alarmed   by the fighting in Southern Kordufan, Sudan, and along a disputed area of the border between Sudan and South Sudan. Both sides must exert the greatest restraint in this situation. "



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