Ethanol comes third in Sudan’s exports

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By Mahasin Al Hussein

Ethanol is produced by Kenana Sugar Company, the biggest non-water ethanol exporter in Africa after South Africa and the biggest exporter of the product in the Middle East.

Under the growing Kenana sugar company’s ethanol exports to the international market, Kenana ethanol has gained a good reputation for its high quality, Designate member of Kenana Sugar Company Mohamed Al-Mardy Al-Tigani told Sudanow.

He expected that the company’s production of ethanol for this year would reach 47 million liters, adding that when the White Nile Sugar Company project, in which Kenya is the first contributor and supervisor of its implementation, enters its first phase of production, the ethanol production would reach 55 million liters, matter which is expected to achieve returns of around 50 million US Dollars.

He further said that the company was planning to increase the ethanol production to 250 million liters after implementing the sugar production capacity increase program to reach 500.000 tones which in turn will increase the rate of molasses from which the ethanol is produced.

Ethanol is exported to the European Union countries and Saudi Arabia.  Ethanol has widespread uses as a solvent of substances intended for human contact or consumption, including scents, flavorings, colorings, and medicines. In chemistry, it is both an essential solvent and a feedstock for the synthesis of other products. It has a long history as a fuel for heat and light, and more recently as a fuel for internal combustion engines. Presently there is a committee supervising experiments on mixing ethanol with benzene with an average of %10-5 according to a policy announced by the Council of Ministers in its meeting in Kenana in 2008 to import double engine cars in coordination with the Ministry of Trade and the other concerned authorities. At the internal level, ethanol is currently used for medical uses and perfumes.

Externally, namely in Brazil, a project of the flexible engine is used which it allows usage of both benzene and ethanol with a hundred percent rate. It also allows mixing them with any arte.

In Sudan, GIAD Company is entrusted with studying the usage of the flexible engine in cars as a future project.

Kenana has embarked on a diversifying policy to make use of the company assets and the industrial waste and to increase its revenues where ethanol constitutes a renewable green fuel that is friendly to environment as it is derived from agricultural crops unlike benzene and gas which are bio-energies that can dry out one day. Therefore, the industrial countries have embarked on developing their researches on ethanol production where America comes at the top of ethanol producing countries at the world level followed by Brazil, China and the European Union countries in addition to other countries in Asia and Latin America.

Though the Arab world comes at the leading oil producing countries, yet there is a growing Arab concern with the renewable energy industry, ethanol in particular. For instance, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a project, known as the “Green Town”, belonging to Abu Dhabi Foundation for Future Energy, has been established. The project stands mainly on researches relating to renewable energies, top of them ethanol. In Algeria, a similar project, Nakheel Al-Gazair for Bio-technologies, was also established in 2006.


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