Statement on the Liberation of Higlig Ministry of Foreign Affairs

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)


  • Khartoum, (Sudanow) -   The Ministry of Foreign Affairs extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Sudanese nation, Armed Forces, Security Forces, and all who took part in liberatingHiglig, and expresses its sincere condolences to the families of those martyred for this nation.


  • The Ministry reiterates that this decisive victory falls within the justified right of all countries to defend their territory and resist invasion, as stipulated in all International Agreements. This right was only applied after South Sudan's refusal to heed international calls for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal from our lands.

  • The Ministry stresses that the government of Sudan has not, and does not intend to attack the Republic of South Sudan, out of respect for International Law and the principle of maintaining peaceful relations with our neighbors. However, Sudan reserves the legal right to defend its border with the Republic of South Sudan, as per the internationally recognized border of 1/1/1956.

  • The Ministry draws the attention of the International Community to the repeated claims by the government of South Sudan toHejlij, this despite the unanimous international condemnation of their attack and invasion of this part of our territory. This is a clear demonstration of how the Republic of South Sudan flouts International Law and all Agreements signed by it regarding the sovereignty of states, their borders and their territorial integrity. The non-compliance of South Sudan with these principles poses a serious threat to the peace and security of both countries.

  • The Ministry expresses its gratitude to the International Community, the United Nations, the Security Council, the African Union, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and all the Regional and International Organizations and partners which expressed their condemnation of the attack onHejlij. The Ministry urges that they continue their efforts and apply pressure on the Republic of South Sudan to cease its belligerent attitude against Sudan, and put an immediate stop to the assistance it offers to rebels, as per the wording and spirit of the Agreements signed by both countries, and witnesses by International Community.

  • The Ministry recognizes the efforts undertaken by the African Union through its different organs, and hereby assures it of Sudan's full compliance with all the Agreements signed, and the mutually-agreed upon security arrangements. Sudan furthermore expresses its confidence in the High Level Executive Body of the African Union, as it is our firm conviction that the AU is fully able to carry out its mission on the continent, through implementing peaceful conflict resolution and maintaining security among the member states. This said, Sudan will continue to uphold its role in ensuring regional peace and security, as per the Charter of the African Union and International Law.

  • The Ministry reiterates that Sudan reserves its legal right to full compensation for all the losses and damages incurred by the attack uponHejlijby the forces of South Sudan, including the savage destruction of the oil installations. We request that the International Community, under the leadership of the United Nations and the Regional Organization, take all necessary action to uphold Sudan's legal rights.

  • The Ministry reaffirms Sudan's full compliance with the principle of peaceful conflict resolution, indicatingthat this will be pursuant upon the observance by the government of South Sudan of the following:

  • Its clear and tacit agreement and adherence with all the Agreements, specifically the six signed in the area of security, and the most recently signed by both parties in Addis Ababa on the 10thFebruary 1012 on non-aggression and cooperation.

  • Its clear and tacit recognition of the 01/1/1956 border between the two counties, as per the Agreements signed by both parties.

  • The immediate cessation of all attacks on Sudanese territory, and the withdrawal of its forces from Blue Nile State and SouthKordofanState.

  • The immediate dissolution of all ties with the 9thand 10thphalanx of the Popular Army, and provision of arms and assistance.

  • The immediate cessation of assistance and provision of haven to the Darfur rebels non-signatory to the Doha Accords.

  • Khartoum, April, 2012


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