First Vice-President inaugurates four food security projects in Khartoum State

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)


Khartoum (Sudanow) – Sudanese First Vice-President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha has recently inaugurated four model food security projects in Khartoum State out of several others located at the western rural area of Omdurman in the presence of Khartoum State Wali (Governor) Abdul-Rahman Al-Khader.

The projects are expected to achieve food security in Khartoum State, particularly in fields of white meat production, eggs and fodder, provision of job opportunities, reactivation of the national economy through doubling the production and contribution to provision of hard currency.

The projects are also likely to contribute to lessening the living burden from the shoulder of the citizens and end the price boom via involving the producing companies in contributing with their produced commodities to the reduced selling centers.

Additionally, there is also Khartoum State’s Agricultural promotion project in which the state tends to include the graduates’ egg incubators project involving over 80 graduates.

The capital of the agricultural promotion project amounted to about 13 billion SDGs where its production hit 25 sacks of wheat per feddan in a primary area of 124 feddans in addition to other crops including Sudanese ground-nuts.

This project represents a first model besides Al-Qousy farm for agricultural production at an area of 160 feddans which included 4000 palm trees that are presently at the phase of production in addition to 2500 trees of grape fruits and others.

Furthermore, a poultry and fodder development project has also been inaugurated where the project is producing 2 million chickens, i.e. around 70000 chickens a day, covering %60 of meat chicken consumption and %65 of egg laying chicken consumption thus standing as the biggest chicken producing project in the region after Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Wady Holding Group, an associate of El-Nefidy Group in the project, said the project tends to indigenize mothers of the meat and egg producing chickens in the country to produce around 175000 tons of poultry with the aim to export them to the Gulf countries which import 550000 tons annually from Brazil.

Meanwhile, Amin Bashir El-Nefidy of El-Nefidy Group, the national partner in the project, said that to achieve the above mentioned goal, they need to remove the difficulties which face the investment in this field.

He summed up the difficulties in the risk of investment in this field under the spread of authorized companies which are operating within a narrow area that is subjected to rapid spread of infections of poultry diseases not to mention other investment issues including the Value Added Tax (VAT) on fodder, matter which crippled the work of the fodder factories and drove many of them to shift to the milling systems which do not ensure the high food quality required in the concentrated fodder.

The First Vice-President concluded the inauguration of the food security projects with Mathew Company, a winner of accomplishment certificate from Khartoum State Wali for producing 140 million eggs, 8 kilograms of meat chicken and 10 tons of concentrated fodder per hour.

Ihab Munir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mathew Company said that the company has also provided about 1070 job opportunities for male/female workers and played a role in supplying the area with electricity from which other productive projects benefitted.




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