Spokesman for the Government Delegation to the Addis Ababa Negotiations Reveals Proposals to Solve Security Issues

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)


Addis Ababa, July 25 (SUNA)- The spokesman of the government delegation for the negotiations with South Sudan government in Addis Ababa, Dr. Mutrif Siddiq, said that Sudan and South Sudan have reached agreements on 80% of the pending issues, indicating that solution of the pending issues can be reached between the two parties if good political will is available.

In a statement to SUNA, Dr. Mutrif Siddiq said that the government of Sudan will continue to implement the requirements of the UN Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2046, which embodies reference to a number of agreements including in particular the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the 29th June 2011 Agreement,the 30th July 2011 Agreement, the 10th February 2012 Agreement and the 13th March 2012 Agreement. He said that the government of Sudan is fully committed to these Agreements signed by the two parties and considers them the sole reference for all security issues as embodied in the UNSC Resolution 2046.


He said that the full implementation of the security arrangements depends on the endorsement and use of the 1/1/1956 map that has been used since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) 2005 and during the interim period for the implementation of all the commitments of the two parties of the CPA for the redeployment of the forces of the two parties and power and wealth sharing.

He said that this map has been used by the UN Missions (UNMIS, UNAMID& UNMISS) and has been used for conducting the elections and referendum, and has been the basis for recognition of Sudan government to the Republic of South Sudan and also used as a temporary map for the delineation of the Zero Line of the SDBZ pending the final demarcation of the common joint border between the two states.

Dr. Siddiq stressed that the two parties shall be commited to the immediate cessation of hostilities between the two countries in compliance with UNSC Resolution and the Roadmap of Roadmap of the AUPSC and in accordance with the document endorsed by the parties for the definition of hostilities, signed on June 23, 2012, which affirmed the right of self defense to each state in accordance with International Law.

He reiterated the commitment of Sudan government to immediate cessation of hostilities

Dr. Mutrif Siddiq said that the two parties shall be committed to the immediate unconditional withdrawal of the armed forces to their sides of the border in accordance with the roadmap of the African Union and UN Security Council resolution 2046 .

He said that as stipulated in the AU-PSC decision and UNSC Resolution 2046 on the immediate and unconditional withdrawal, GoS demands the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of South Sudan government forces from the territories that it currently occupies north of 1-1-1956 border line.These are ( the 14 Miles area, Samaha in East Darfur, parts of Lake Abiad, Bahr el Arab station and South of Mairam in South Kordofan).

He said that the two parties declared their commitment to cessation of harboring, support to, or use of rebels and negative groups against the other state, pointing out the Government of the Sudan believes that the parties should renew this commitment.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mutrif Siddiq gave the following proposals to resolve the issue of harboring of, support to and use of armed groups and rebels against each other:


a. The two parties shall abide by frankness, transparency, and clarity when discussing the issues and to a determined political will to address it.

b. The parties shall be firmly committed not to harbor, support to and use of armed groups and rebels against each other.

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