The Sudanese Russian Joint Ministerial Committee’s Meetings pave the way for a strategic and sustainable cooperation between the two countries

By: Mohammed Osman

Khartoum, (Sudanow) – Sudan and Federal Russia are linked with strong friendship bonds that are well rooted in history.

This history shows that the process of the bilateral relations between the two countries are stable and development where Russia has been strongly supporting Sudan in the regional and international forums.

Economic and trade relations between the two countries have witnessed a remarkable progress , which has been linked to the Arab Russian Business Council, set at the initiative of the Sudanese Trade Chamber in collaboration with the Federal Russian Industrial and trade chamber.

The recent meetings of the Sudanese Russian Joint Ministerial cooperation Committee, held during two days of talks in Khartoum, comes within the context of Paragraph (1) of the agreement signed between the two countries and which continued for three years, headed by Russia’s, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Sirgi Donskoi , and the Sudanese Minister for Mineral Resources, Dr Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq Al Karouri as well as the participation of ministers of Investment, Trade and Tourism and representatives from various companies and economic institutions.

A number of off-shoot committees have been formed to discuss a number of economic issues , particularly those related to the development and signature of economic and trade cooperation protocol and four other memorandums of understanding between the ministry of Mineral Resources of the Sudan and the Russian Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment.

The memorandums deal with fields of minerals, geology, roads, dams and electricity as well as the fields of health and cooperation between Sudanese businessmen Union and their Russian counterpart.

According to official statistics, the volume of trade exchange between the Sudan and Russia stand at 153 million dollars in 2012.

The two sides have agreed in the memorandums and the protocols of cooperation to exchange visits, expertise and invest in the domain of infrastructures, roads, bridges, railways, animal wealth,k environment, vocational training, localization of Russian technology in the Sudan and provision of a commodities loan of one billion dollars in the banking domain.

The Minerals and Petroleum Committee has concluded agreements in the field of geology, petroleum and electricity while the Sudanese side preparing 16 projects for closer cooperation to be submitted to the relevant Russian ministries.

Concerning the cooperation in the field of investment, the two sides have stressed the need to boost the base for legal cooperation in the domain of legal protection and encouragement of investment.

The Sudanese side has proposed cooperation in the domain of peaceful use of nuclear energy, the peaceful use of outer space technologies, programmes for the development of inventions, development of reach and the nano technology, intensive solar energy use, packing and PV encapsulation and manufacturing, the production of bio-fuel, food preservation technologies, vaccination and Bio-fuel production, food preservation technology, vaccination and medical diagnostic equipment and industrial components membership.

The Russian Research and Development Center for inventions has expressed readiness to provide the consultancy and technical assistance necessary for the Sudanese side to establish the background for the construction of Russian-designed nuclear power plant.

Sudan has meanwhile expressed its desire to assist the Russian holding company Rosgeology in the domain of comprehensive and integrated studies and the development of mineral resource, including the stage of geological surveys in Sudan, assist with the geometrical prospection technology, preparing the prospection promising areas for further surveys and studies.

Meanwhile Zarubezhgeologiya JSC has expressed interest to work in the domain of assessing resources in the Sudan as part of developing a mineral map of the Sudan.

During the project implementation period, it is also suggested to work in the field of organization and reassessing geological and geophysical data in the Sudan, for the previous studies, as well as the implementation of previous censoring studies on mineral in south eastern Sudan.

The Russian JSC "Vnizarubezhgeologia"Vertex" has also expressed its desire to work in the field proposed by the Sudan, in the establishment of a national geological data, provided that funding is secured for the project.

The Russian FGU GP "Urangeo company is particularly interested in the domain of geology will be on its part working in the domain of discovery of radiative materials and all forms of solid mineral, preparation and provision of the equipment needed for such discoveries, as well as effecting the drilling and excavation activities, including discovery and operational process, geological and schematic domain operation.

The Russian Inekotech will meanwhile work in the development of cooperation with Sudanese partners in the domain of geological distance censoring studies, with the view to development the country’s resources, the technical and environmental safety conditions, the hydro-graphic and hydrological distance censoring studies .

The two sides are also agreed that other Russian companies wishing to operation Sudanese mining companies would enter the country to work in those domain.

In the domain of gas and petroleum, the parties are agreed that the Gas prom international company would be ready to look into proposals to be tabled by the Sudan for participation in future Sudanese petroleum and gas production projects in the future.

The two sides have also agreed on the formation of a follow up mechanism to monitor the implementation of those agreements and to submit regular reports on the work implementation progress
The two parties are also agreed that the ministerial committee shall meet in Moscow in six months time while the Sudanese Russian Economic Forum would be convened in Khartoum .


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