Khartoum says US should remove Sudan's name from the list Washington consiers sponors of terrorism, if it were keen on improving relations

By: Mohammed Osman

Khartoum, Dec.28(SUNA)- Sudan on Saturday said if the US Administration was keen to improve relations with the Sudan, then it shoudl remove the name of Sudan from the list of countries it considers sponors of international terrorism.

An official source has pointed out in a statement to the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) that if US administration was keen on normalization of ties with the Sudan, then there are certain steps that have to be taken.

Commenting on remarks attributed to the American Charge d'Affaires in Sudan that Washington was working to improve its relations with Khartoum, the source stressed that these steps begin with lifting Sudan from list of States Washington considers sponsors of international Terrorism,saying such a move would be a practical translation for America's its annuall announcements describing the Sudan as a strong partner in combating terrorism.

The sources stressed that Sudan has been cooperating with US in combating terrorism since 2000.

The source argued that the US administration has been praising Sudan's efforts on combating terrorism and its cooperation in this regard, wondering if this were the position of Sudan then why should Khartoum continue Sudan to be in the said list.

The source argued that Sudan remained on this list for political reasons, as rightly mentioned by former US Envoy to the Sudanm Scott Graison. The Source stressed that the US administration should display a political will to remove the name of the Sudan from the list of terrorism, a measure which, the sources pinpointed, would be enough for opening wide door for efforts on improvement relations between the two countries.

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