Salih, a prominent veteran journalist honoured by Sudan Vision

By: Mohammed Osman

KHARTOUM, Sudan (Sudanow) - With over 50 daily newspapers published in Sudan, including 39 political daily, the Sudan Vision stands out as unique, being the only English-language daily newspaper that continues its trek in the tumultuous political and social environment in the Sudan, for a decade and still unwavering.

These political newspapers compete not only in the meager advertisement market and but also have to apply wisdom- which is in the eyes of the media akin to lack of boldness- and courage to veer away from the political turmoils that reflect on the press (But it suffices to see the statements and press releases and studies it published from UN and other bodies operating in the Sudan and also articles- particularly those- published by sudanow.info.sd, to see that it has the guts to be bold).

Sudan Vision, notwithstanding all this, has to brave yet two other challenges, the first being that of satisfying an increasingly demanding audience of intellectuals and non-Arabic speakers, and the second is that of maintaining a standard not only of editorial policy but that of newsworthy as many of those audience could read Arabic and failing, they always could translate what the Arabic daily newspapers report. The daily has further more to find the talented reporters and the well versed editors that will try to be up to par with the standards and demands looked for by such an elite audience.
Therefore it was a swim against the tide that the daily has overcome the Sisyphus labor, as revealed by the history of the Sudanese press, particularly the English speaking one, of succumbing in only a couple of years, if not couple of months, and it continue to meet its audience every single day for ten long years now.
On August the 29th, the daily celebrated its 10th anniversary, in, as expected from its editor, Saif Ediin Al Bashir, a unique way: it honored the iconic and towering human rights and freedom of expression advocate, Mahjoub Mohamed Salih.

Usama al Tayeb reports about this event:
Khartoum (Sudanow)- Sudanow Magazine took part in the Sudan Vision 10th anniversary celebration the English language newspaper marked by honoring Mahjoub Mohamed Salih, the leading tutor of generations of Sudanese journalists, the winner of the Golden Pen Award as an outstanding Sudanese journalist.
Participants in the celebration that was held on Thursday, August 29th, 2013, included the Secretary-General of the National Press Council, Obaid Ahmed Murawah and Journalists Union Secretary-General Al-Fatih Al-Sayyed in addition to a number of chief editors of Khartoum daily newspapers and Sudanow Chief Editor Mohamed Osman Adam.
For his part, Murawah congratulated the Sudan Vision for persistent, regular appearance in a form characterized by a high professionalism, credibility and objectivity.
The National Council Press Secretary-General announced the selection of the honored figure, Salih, as a member of the Sudanese Press Documentation Committee which is chaired by Professor Abdulla Hamadnallah and whose accomplishment will be available to press students and researchers.
Al-Sayyed noted that Salih tackled significant universal events that followed the Second World War. He was a contemporary witness of that epoch who showed us how concepts are shaped, how ideas clash and how visions differ, Al-Sayyed said of Salih. The Journalists Union Secretary-General went through Salih achievements in the publishing, printing and distribution fields of the Arabic and English press. He pledged his Union’s support to the English-language newspapers.
The Sudan Vision Editor-in Chief, Saif al-Dinn al-Bashir, said the celebration by the news-paper staff was casual and organized under the motto of “a faithful offering and a glistening smile” in honor of the lofty press figure, Mahjoub Mohamed Salih.
He remarked that the honoring of Salih coincides with the commemoration in the United States of America of the civil rights activist Martin Luther King.
The honored figure is highly respected by all shades of the Press community, Bashir said, suggesting that each of the political, economic or cultural communities should have a similar symbol around which the members of the community rally, following suit of this celebration and honoring of Ustaz Mahjoub Mohamed Salih.
The chief editors of Akhir Lahzah, Al-Khartoum, Al-Sahafa and Al-Sudani newspapers expressed happiness for having been students to Salih from they have learnt lessons in professionalism, objectivity, love for the homeland, upholding its territorial integrity and social fabric bondage. They pledged to continue pursuing the path Ustaz Salih has drawn for them. The chief editors commended and greeted the Sudan on its 10th anniversary as an English-language newspaper.
The honored pioneer journalist who took up the profession in October 1949, founded the English-language Morning News newspaper and contributed to another English-language Sudan Spark newspaper which was opposed to colonialism, made reference to some of his comrades such as Mohamed Ibrahim Khalifa and Bashir Mohamed Saeed in Al-Sudan Al-Jadid newspaper in 1049 and then founding the Morning News which belonged to the Arabic daily Al-Ayam newspaper.
He said the members of the press clan do not carry arms but pens in- stead in support of the unity of the Sudanese people, and “logic will prevail so long as the pen is the weapon.”
Salih recalled that the Sudanese press is 110 years old with the first Sudanese newspaper published in October 1903. He expressed the hope that journalists of coming generals would succeed in what his generation could not achieve and to build of the successes of his generation. Salih has called for reunification of the Sudan, for unifying ranks and participation in the public action in courage and faithfulness.

-Mahjoub Mohamed Salih was Deputy Secretary of the Student Union of the University of Khartoum in 1948.
-He became Secretary-General of the Union in 1949 but he and the Chairperson of the Union were sacked from the University for the Nationalist Activities against the British rule.
-He took journalism in late 1949.
-He underwent training in Khartoum as well as Cairo, Beirut, London and New York.
-Salih obtained Daj Hammarshould Media Fellowship in 1959.
-He was accorded Honorary Doctorate by the Ahfad University.
-He was a founding member of the Arab and African Journalists Unions.
Salih Accomplishments:
-He is regarded the Doyen of the Sudanese Press in consensus of the Sudanese journalists as well as the Sudanese communities.
-He took part alongside Bashir Mohamed Saeed and Mahjoub Osman in founding Al-Ayam daily newspaper at the beginning of career and full devotion to the independent and professional journalism in Sudan.
-During the successive democratic and military regimes in the Sudan, Al-Ayam daily was closed down twice and was shut down for a total three years during the first military regime of General Ibrahim Abboud (1959-64).
-Salih played a significant role in the revolution of October 1964.
-The military coup of 1969 nationalized Al-Ayam alongside the other independent media forcing the founder to quit.
-Salih re-established Al-Ayam in 1985.
-After the independence, Salih was active in maintenance and sustainability of democracy from his position as Secretary of the Sudanese Journalists Union (1952-57). He contributed to achievement of democratic gains and introduction of laws in support of the press freedom, particularly preventing the administrative closure.
-Salih was honored by the Sudanese government as represented by First Vice President Ali Osman Taha who extolled his press record.
-The Sudanese press vanguard was awarded domestic and international rewards, including the Golden Pen Prize.
-He wrote a book titled “The Sudan Press in Half a Century”.


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