Report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Republic of the Sudan Positive development after the recent visit of President Salva Kiir to Khartoum : More steps to consolidate confidence and cooperation between the two countries

By: Mohammed Osman

KHARTOUM, (Sudanow)Following the recent successful visit of H.E the President of the Republic of South Sudan to the Sudan, the pace of consolidation of relations between the two saw dynamic push in contact and liaison, and in the carrying of additional action consolidating confidence and cooperation between the two countries .

These actions were carried out in a positive atmosphere coupled with strong political will by the leadership in the two countries to promote and insure peaceful co-existence, good neighborliness and the realization of the mutual interests of their people whose ties of joint existence and family are unbreakable in spite of the separation that occurred .

The two countries and peoples, thus, present to the world an African model rooted in cooperation and integration between two countries emerging from a conflict that extended for decades.

Below , is a summary of what aspired in the past days after the visit of President Salva Kiir to Sudan:

-During the last visit of the Chairperson of the AUHIP , President
Thabo Mbeki , to the Sudan and South Sudan , just after the visit of President Salva Kiir to Sudan , the two Presidents and President
Mbeki co-signed a joint letter addressed to the international
community , in fulfillment of the Co-operation Agreement, for debt
relief to the Sudan, support of development in South Sudan, soliciting the contribution of the regional and international
communities in meeting one third of the economic gap in the Sudan
caused by the sudden loss of the South oil as a result of the secession of South Sudan (calculated as 3.5 Billion U.S dollar ), and seeking to lift the unilateral economic sanctions against Sudan.

-The Ministers of foreign Affairs of the two countries received an
invitation from the European Union to visit Brussels for
consultations and discussions with the relevant officials in the Union of intended contribution by the EU to the two countries, particularly for the Cross – Border projects. This provides a chance to the two ministers to liaison their bilateral diplomatic activities in the coming period , specially that both countries were invited to the coming world Bank meetings in Washington DC this October to consider the issue of Sudan's debt.

The two ministers are also invited for a consultative meeting abut Sudan – South Sudan cooperation which will be attended by African States and the five permanent members of the UNSC.

-In the spirit of promoting the contacts between the two countries in different levels of the two states , an invitation was sent by H.E the First Vice President of the Sudan Ustaz Ali Osman Mohamed Taha to his counterpart the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan H.E James Wani Ega , to visit the Sudan , and conduct the first meeting of the High Level Committee (HLC) chaired by the two Vice Presidents.

-The Minister of foreign Affairs in Khartoum, as co-chair of the Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) of the Cooperation Agreement between Sudan and South Sudan established the Sudanese side of the JIC and is seeking to convene the first meeting of the JIC to follow up the implementation of all the agreements between the two countries. The JIC is the rapporteur (and secretariat) of the HLC.

The two ministers joint activities are further strengthened by their signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Political
Consultations and Cooperation during the last visit of President
Salva Kiir to the Sudan .

- Meanwhile the minister of Interior of the Sudan received an
invitation from the minister of Interior in South Sudan to visit Juba soon to tackle the issue of the treatment of nationals of each state in the other, including the smooth movement of nationals, the four freedoms and the establishment of commercial corridors along the borders between the two countries.

- Further, contacts between the legislative bodies in the two countries are developing. A delegation from the Speakers of South Sudan Assembly and States Council are expected to pay a visit soon to the Sudan in the context of cooperation and liaison on
parliamentarian affairs. This visit comes following a successful
visit by a Sudanese parliamentarian delegation to Juba.

- In the private economic sectors , the economic relations between the parties is witnessing positive developments. During the visit of the Chair of the Trade and Industry chamber in South Sudan accompanying the first South Sudan Airline flight to Khartoum,the
two parties agreed on a high level Sudanese delegation of trade and
industry chambers to visit Juba soon.

The Government of the Sudan is sincerely committed to strengthen the momentum of the positive relations between the two sisterly countries, and would help in the realization of the mutual
benefits of countries and their peoples. The Government of Sudan
expects the regional and international communities to also support
this trend in real terms.

The Government of Sudan would like to commend the efforts
of the AUHIP led by President Thabo Mbkei, the African Union
Commission, and the efforts of H.E Haile Mariam Desalegn Prime
Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia the
chairman of the IGAD.
Khartoum : 14 September 2013

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