State Minister for Information visits Addis Ababa, Ethiopian P.M Calls for Withdrawal from ICC

By: Aisha Braima

Khartoum (Sudanow) – The peak of the recent visit to Addis Ababa, by the State Minister for Information, Yasser Yusuf, was when the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Haile-Mariam Desalegn, announced that he totally agrees with the call on African countries to pull out of the International Criminal Court (the ICC).

Yusuf who concluded a three day state visit on Friday, during which he met with his Ethiopian Counterpart, Atto Ridhwan Hussein, and toured a number of information and media institutions in Addis Ababa, has said Prime Minister Desalgn, has stressed that the ICC was becoming a tool that serves the interest of the countries who, ironically, refuse to be member of the said court.

He said his country was happy that it was not member of the court, because, as he put it, the court is not the place for justice and that as a proof, all permanent members of the UN Security Council, have stayed away from the court, but still use it to implement their political will.

Yasser, who was accompanied by a high powered media and press delegation, including the Director General of the Sudan News Agency, Awad Gadain, the Diectr of the Sudan TV and Radio Corporation, Al Saamawal Khalaf Allah, the secretary General of the Sudanese Journalists Union, Sadiq Al Rizaigi, and other senior media and press officials, managed to conclude a number of agreements which will be signed in Khartoum, Sudan, shortly.

These agreements include an agreement between the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) and the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA), and other agreements with the TV and Radio on both sides who have also agreed to exchange visits and experiences on the various cultural, technical and professional fields.

The Ethiopian Prime minister, when he received the visiting delegation, has dwelt long on the need to revitalize the cooperation and exchange of programmes, information and news between the media in the two countries. He said the media should play a major role in reflecting the development and concerns of the people in the two countries, stressing on the need to reflect what is common and promote the common interests, be it in the economic, political or developmental domains.


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