Head of the Commerce Office at the Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum: Statistics show that Egyptian investments in Sudan exceed 3billion dollars.

By: Mohammed Osman



KHARTOUM, Sudan (Sudanow) - The Sudanese-Egyptian relations are deeply-rooted and go back to the ancient civilizations and extended to thousands of years.

The relations between the people of the two countries experienced
ups and downs on national, regional and international politics. however, bonds of strong relations linking the two countries were not affected by the secession of South Sudan and the implications of the Jan.25 Revolution in Egypt but always look forward to a better future.

The Plenipotentiary Ambassador, Chairman of the Commerce Office of the Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum,Musad Abdul Hadi Al Nagar , interviewed by Sudanow Magazine which is issued by the Sudan News Agency (SUNA), has confirmed these meanings, reviewing the reality of the current trade relations , its spheres and challenges.
sudanow.info.sdr : Mr. Ambassador, How do you see current Sudanese-Egyptian relations?

Answer: The Sudanese-Egyptian relations are deeply-rooted, historical and extended to thousands of years as the people of the Nile Valley are one people who live in two countries connected by many joint links , top of which, the Nile Valley, language, religion, and intermarriages as well as the common interests.

Question: How do you see the Sudanese-Egyptians economic relations and to what extent, economy can contribute to the promotion of the joint relations?

Answer: Its unquestionable that the economy and the trade interests contribute to strengthening these relations, we, as economists, say the economy is one of the effective tolls that serve the external policy of any country as trade and economy play outstanding role in development of relations between the two countries.

Question: Do you think, the secession of South Sudan and the implications of the Jan.25 Revolution , in your country, have negative impacts on Sudanese-Egyptian economic relations ?

Answer: I believe trade relations between the two states have not been affected by the exceptional developments witnessed by Sudan and Egypt .

Question? How do you assess the trade exchange volume between the two countries?

Answer: Despite the above mentioned developments in Sudan and Egypt, the trade between the two countries continued and approached 750million dollars to,approximately,one billion dollar and I think it’s a good number in the context of the current developments of trade, economic and investment relations between them.

Question: The Four Freedoms , one of the agreements signed by the two countries, to what extent can they be implemented on the ground?

Answer: Sudan and Egypt are not in need to reach an agreement on implementation of cooperation between the people of the two countries as the Sudanese and Egyptians, in both countries could enjoy the right to work, movement and right to own property and I think there is no legal need to activate agreements reached in certain fields as they are already implemented. Many Sudanese have now Apartments and lands in Egypt and registered in the Real estate Department and the same for the Egyptians in Sudan. There are no problems in this respect.

Question: During the time of the former President, Jaffar Nemeri , there was a motto for the integration between the two countries, is there any basis for integration between Sudan and Egypt now?

Answer: The strong and clear relation between the people of the two countries is the main basis for the integration because, as I said before, they represent one people of the Nile Valley north and south who are the main element for any real movement or trend for integration between Egypt and Sudan.

Question:What about the available opportunities for integration with regard to resources and potentialities?

Answer: I think potentials are great and are available in both countries, for instance, Sudan's great natural resources such as agricultural lands , animal wealth and minerals in addition to the Egyptian advanced technology in different fields can help a lot in this connection. We can benefit from the integration between the Egyptian technology and experience and the enormous natural resources in Sudan.

Question: Are you satisfied with the level of cooperation between Sudan and Egypt and Sudan and what are the main trade projects being implemented?

Answer: We are not content with the existing investment projects or trade relations between the two countries, we always look forward to more and relations between the two sides are in need for more impetus to push the them forward to serve the interests of the Sudanese and Egyptian economies.

As for the investments, there are inaccurate. Statistics indicate that Egypt invested more than three billion dollars in the industrial fields including metal, mining, ship building, contracts and medicine industries. There are some Egyptian companies currently involved in building medicine factories in whole Sudan, a matter that gives good impression of diversity of activities of the Egyptian investments in Sudan set up in collaboration with Sudanese companies.

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