Spokesman: Mahdi will be tried before a court of justice

By: Mohammed Osman

Khartoum, (Sudanow)- The government official spokesman has reaffirmed that former Prime Minister and President of the Umma National party, Sadiq Al Mahdi, will stand trial before a court of justice.

The Spokesman, Dr Ahmed Bilal Osman, has described as "going around the National Dialogue" the statements made by the head of the Umma Party last week, regarding the Rapid Intervention Forces.

Dr Osman, the official spokesman for the government, charged that Al Mahdi was facing internal challenges within the Umma National Party. He did not however give further details as to the nature of those challenges.

But the minister stressed, in an interview with the official Radio Omdurman's Radio Conference Programme on Friday, that the former prime Minister and head of the Umma National party, has gone "out of context" in his accusations against the Rapid Intervention Forces.

The Minister said those forces were regular, disciplined and under the command of the Sudanese Armed Forces and that there were circumstances that spurred the formation of such forces, which, the minister said, have scored numerous victories and success in the battle field.

Al Mahdi was last week quoted as criticizing the Rapid Intervention Forces and their operations in South Kordufan and Darfur. He charged that those forces were unruly and were not operating under regular forces command, a charge denied by the leadership of the forces and the national security command. Al Mahdi was alerted that his comments were an infringement of laws governing the formation of regular forces and that they undermine national security, but he persisted in his comments and accusations.

The Minister stressed that those forces have combat and civil roles to play in the community and within the state.
The Minister has reiterated, on the decision of the Umma Party to suspend dialogue upon summoning of its chairman, that it was not a prerequisite of the National Dialogue "to suspend the laws or send them into vacation"

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