Contemporary Sudanese Studies in Foreign Languages

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Author: Jaafar Ibrahim At-Tai

Presented by: Aisha Sulieman Braima

Jaafar Ibrahim At-Tai, born in 1941, is an expert in the field of libraries and documentation. He has worked at various libraries in the University of Khartoum including the Sudan Library which was established in 1945 to serve as a national library where all materials concerning the government of Sudan and those which are written about Sudan in Arabic and in English languages are kept. It was described by At-Tai as similar to, if not better than, the library of the famous UK Durham University which has a Sudan archive dating back to 1957.

Knowing the benefits of such bibliographies for the researchers, At-Tai wrote his pioneering book “Contemporary Sudanese Studies in Foreign Languages” in which he listed 225 titles written about Sudan in English and published in Europe and America during last century and up to the beginning of this century. He also attached Arabic translation for the titles and summary for the content of each book.Consisting of 125 pages besides the publisher and the author introductions, the book was published in 2012 by Gasim Center for Libraries Services.

The 225 titles were classified into 14 categories; references, political sciences, history, civil wars-refugees, tribes/customs, humanitarian assistances, Sufism, agriculture/animal resources, economy/human development, publications of human rights organizations, languages/arts, biographies, the Nile and rare editions.

Here are some examples of the titles of the books: Historical Dictionary of the Sudan, John Obert - Political Vocabulary of Islam, Hassan al-Turabi - Encyclopedia of African Peoples - Omdurman 1898: The Eye-witness Speak: The British Conquest of the Sudan as Described by Participants in letters, diaries, photos and drawings - American Foreign Policy Towards Political Islam from Carter to Clinton - Conflict and Policies of Identity in Sudan, Ahmed Idris - Islamic Hegemonies in the Sudan: An essay in Interpretation, R,S Ofahe - Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide, Gerard Prunier - Intervention in Africa: Superpower Peacemaking in a Troubled Continent, Herman Cohen - Borgo and its Kingdoms: A Reconstruction of a Western Sudanese Policy, Marjorie Stewart - The Kababish Arabs, Tilal Asad - Enigmatic Saint: Ahmed Ibn Idris and the Idrist Tradition, Ofahi - Sudan: Gezira Scheme and Agriculture, T. Barnett - Sudan: Press Freedom under Siege - Jacob’s Children in the Land of the Mahdi: Jews of the Sudan - Osama: The Making of a Terrorist - The Nile, Jeoffrey Moorhouse, and The Journals of Gordon at Khartoum.



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