Sudanese Islamic Movement Calls for Support to Gaza

By: Ahmed Alhaj (Site Admin)

Khartoum, (Sudanow) - The Secretariat General of the Sudanese Islamic Movement has issued a statement condemning the heinous Israeli aggressions on Gaza and the Palestinian people.
The Movement urged the Islamic Nation, the justice loving peoples, the leaders and members of the Islamic Movement, the Islamic and national forces, the civil and people's society organizations to unite their rank in support of the Palestinian brothers in Gaza.
The movement also called on the leaders of the Islamic and Arab World to relinquish disunity and move urgently for adopting a decision that restore the spirit of Arab and Islamic unity for supporting the just Palestinian cause and deter the Zionist aggressors.

The movement stressed that the sinful stances of the Zionist enemy to kill the innocent people and to destroy Gaza can never break the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.
The statement affirmed that the Zionists attacks on the Palestinian people pose a flagrant violation of the human rights and the international charters.

At least 208 Palestinians killed in the Israel air strikes on Gaza since July 8.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has earlier issued a statement condemning the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip. The ministry has denounced the weak international reactions towards the continuous Israeli aggression against the Palestinians calling the international community and the Security Council to adopt firm stance against Israel.

The ministry also called for an urgent UN protection for the unarmed Palestinian people.

Many other Sudanese entities have deplored the Israeli attacks and called for provision of protection for the civilians at Gaza including the parliament, lawyers association and student unions.





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