President Bashir Directs Continuation of Dialogue with USA to Reach Common Understandings

By: Aisha Braima

Khartoum (SUNA/ SUDANOW) - President Omar al-Bashir has directed that dialogue should continue with the United States of America with the view to reach common understandings in a way that preserves Sudan's interests and its desire to maintain normal relations with the countries of the world in mutual respect.

The President received Monday evening Professor Ibrahim Ghandour, the Assistant of the President, who briefed him on the outcome of his recent visit to the United States of America which took him several days and during which he met with a number of senior American officials in Washington and New York.

Invited by the American Administration, Ghandour was the first Sudanese official to visit the USA for more than two decades. Relations between the two countries had been almost severed since 1993. Washington has imposed sanctions on Khartoum and lowered its diplomatic representation in the country over alleged sponsorship of terrorism and war crimes in Darfur.

Ghandour has said he has briefed the president on his visit to the USA and his meeting with officials at the State Department, concerned with the Sudanese affairs, and heads of departments as well as the deputy secretary of the state and the assistant of the US president.

He said the meetings have tackled, in details, all issues of interests to the two sides top of which the bilateral relations and that it was agreed to continue dialogue so as to reach common understandings.

Ghandour has pointed out that there was common desire to push relations towards new horizons, and that his visit to the States comes in extension of the dialogue between Khartoum and Washington on some important questions that dealt with means for development and cementing bilateral relations in the various fields and issues of mutual interest.

He said the two sides have agreed to continue with the dialogue that could be resumed shortly in Khartoum or in Washington pointing out that there are so many questions that are of interests including bilateral and regional questions.

He said there was no talk about incentives being provided or sanctions being imposed, but rather, talks about normal relations between the two sides.

On his meeting with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, professor Ghandour commended the UN and its cooperation with the Sudan saying he briefed the UN chief on the developments in the Two Areas and in Darfur.

He said he reaffirmed the government desire to see a phasing out of the UNAMID from the Sudan and that the UN secretary General has shown understanding for the position of the Sudan.

Ghandour said he also reviewed with the UN Assistant Secretary General issues of mutual interests between the Sudan and the UN.

He met on the sideline of his visit with the current president of the United Nations Security Council and the Russian and Chinese representatives to the UN, besides holding meeting with the permanent representative of the African countries to the United Nations.

He said this meeting reviewed all issues of concern to Africa and in particular the most recent decisions of the African Union related to the International Criminal Court.

He said the African representatives were also briefed on the peace developments in the Sudan, the National dialogue and the upcoming general and presidential elections in the country.

The Sudanese foreign minister Ali Karti has visited Washington earlier this month at the invitation of two US lawmakers to attend the annual National Prayer Breakfast.


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