Sudan: The EU Statement about Elections in the Sudan Seeks to Question the Constitutional Legitimacy

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (SUDANOW) The Sudan has stated that the recent statement of the European Union on elections in the country is seeking to question the constitutional legitimacy in the country which rejects any intervention in its domestic affairs and refuses any hegemony from any foreign country.

A statement by the Ministry of Information, read by the Minister of Information, Ahmed Bilal Osman, the official spokesman, said "the government of Sudan is serious about the National Dialogue as its strategic option and requires no dictate from any one about it. And he national dialogue will be inclusive and bring together all Sudanese,
and we will provide all the guarantees for those wishing to join in the process. And the dialogue will tackle all issues, with full freedom and transparency."

The statement has called on the EU to back the peace process and stability in the Sudan and to avoid siding with one party against the other and should not adopt the agenda of the armed opposition as this would lead to further violence and instability.

The statement has urged the EU to respect the sovereignty of the Sudan and refrain from intervening in its domestic affairs and we will tolerate no hegemony or intervention from any country in our domestic affairs, it said.

The Minister has pointed out in the statement that "now by adopting the view of the SPLA-N Sector, they will go the same path of dismembering the Sudan and boosting the armed opposition and calling overtly for the instability of the Sudan."

The EU is not neutral and it has rejected the elections even before they are organized and we would like to reaffirm that the parties that took part in the current elections are more than those which participated in the 2010 elections.

The EU which participated in the supervision of the 2010 elections we were aware that they were just paving the way for the referendum that led to the cessation of the south and now by adopting the view of the SPLA-N, they are walking the same path of disintegrating the Sudan through supporting the armed movement and thus encouraging the
instability in the country.

The statement said the Sudan welcome the mediation of the African Union High Level Implementation Panel to discuss with the armed opposition the cessation of hostilities and then the ceasefire on the known security bases.

It said Sudan was also to implement all steps that were within the road map and the Addis Ababa document for creating a climate conducive to creating a national dialogue.

It stressed that the national dialogue shall take place inside the Sudan and that there would be no dialogue outside the Sudan save the discussion on procedural matter that would pave the way for this dialogue.

The statement said the elections were carried out in a peaceful climate and in neutrality and integrity and that any breaches should be sorted out with the National Election Commission which is the same commission that supervised the 2010 elections.

It said the judiciary system is also the place for undoing any injustice, besides there are still three weeks for any injunctions and complaints.

These elections, the statement read by the Minister stressed, represent the will of the Sudanese people and it has to be pointed out that more than 42% of the illegible voters took part in the process which is a percentage well over those recorded in most of the European countries where the percentage has not exceeded 35%.

The statement said the reason behind the EU campaign was to question the conditional legitimacy and that Sudan was sure its great people with their national awareness "will frustrate this sinful plan."

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