Omer al-Bashir Declared Winner of Sudan’s Elections

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (SUDANOW) Sudan’s incumbent President Omer al-Bashir has been officially declared the winner of the presidential elections receiving 94.05% of the vote.
Al-Bashir won 5,252, 478 votes out of a total of 5,584,863 votes, according to results released Monday during a press conference held by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

The legislative and presidential elections which took place during the period April 13-16 have been boycotted by a number of major opposition political parties demanding formation of a transitional government. The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) allied with 44 other parties insisted on holding the elections on schedule.
The contestants in this elections number 3,323 candidates, some representing political parties and others independent, including 15 presidential candidates who are challenging al-Bashir. They competed in 1,197 constituencies in all parts of Sudan except seven constituencies in South Kordofan State for security reasons.

The NEC’s Chairperson Prof. Mukhtar al-Assum puts the turnout at 46.4 percent, and there are 13,126,989 eligible voters.

Al-Bashir has remained the Sudan’s president since he seized power in a bloodless military coup on 30 June 1989. He has won the 2010 elections which paved the way for south Sudan secession in 2011.

Meanwhile, presidential candidate Fadul al-Sid Shuaib of the Federal Truth Party received 79,779 (1.43%) while each of the other presidential candidates won less than 1%.

The NCP won 323 seats of the National Assembly's 426 seats (geographical Constituencies 149, women 107 and parties’ proportional list 67 seats) followed by the original Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) which won 25 seats, the independents 19 seats, the DUP (led by Jalal al-Digair) won 15 seats and the remaining seats went to the various Umma and other small parties.


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