Sudan Warns It Will Retaliate Against States Backing ICC

By: Aisha Braima

KHARTOUM (SUDANOW )- The Minister of Foreign Affairs Professor Ibrahim Ghandour warned that the government of the Sudan will have a clear stance against any state that backed the International Criminal Court (ICC) in its attempt to arrest and indict president Omar al-Bashir.

Bashir returned home Monday to a hero welcome at Khartoum airport, after participation in the 25th summit conference of the African Union, held in south Africa, 14-15 June. Thousands of supporters and well-wishers met him at Khartoum airport along with senior government and party officials. With crowds chanting “by blood and by soul we will protect you, you are our leader Bashir“ the president battled his way in an open car from the airport up to his residence in Khartoum.

Ghandour told a press conference at the airport that Bashir participation in the 25th African union summit meeting was normal had it not been for the enemies of the African Continent, of the Sudan and of the peace loving nations, tried to turn it into a drama with the aim of eclipsing the president from taking part in the important event of concern to Africa and the Sudan.
A South African rights group tried to obtain a court rule to stop President Bashir from leaving the country on an ICC allegations of committing atrocities in Darfur.
Ghandour said as a delegation they were aware of the row being made and that they were aware that this was mere media brouhaha which will not be able to eclipse the light of the sun.
He told the press briefing that Sudan was thankful to African leaders and the South African government who supported the Sudan.
He said the African union meeting in South Africa has actually “terminated the international criminal court”. He said Bashir stands as a symbol for a state and that he was elected by his people and that targeting the president would mean targeting the independence and the sovereignty of the state.
The minister said the media coverage and the said quarters wanted to create a raw over Bashir’s participation and frustrate the African efforts to stand against the ICC.
He described the ICC statement on arrest of President Bashir and the South African court as a media row that has no impact on Bashir’s participation in the summits.
He stressed that Bashir will continue his participation as normal and nothing will deter him from participation,” be it media brouhaha, spurred sometimes by some suspicious quarters, or others no matter what efforts exerted to deter him from taking part in such event.


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